Friday, 26 October 2012


Well… it was brilliant! ;-)

When you come out of the cinema wanting to go and see the very same film again,  I think that says it all!! And so, without giving too much away:

A superb cast; Daniel Craig has to be the best Bond ever! Judy Dench excels. And there’s a real beast of a baddie!!

Ab fab views of Shanghai… and then, all of a sudden, you find yourself in the Scottish Highlands and you realise that there’s no better place for a massacre than Glencoe !! ;-)

This film absolutely oozes Britishness and there’s a symbol of the very essence of Britishness, which enters and exits at various points of the film.  Say no more.

Skyfall is, indeed, well crafted, in every way possible. Yes, it’s far fetched in places but isn’t that what Bond films are all about? I also loved the music ; the score is diverse…and divine...and delightful!
And then there’s Adele and THAT theme tune (which comes 12 minutes after the film begins!) and believe me, it’s even better in ‘cinema mode’! Nice ‘n loud! 

This is entertainment at its best! Well, I think so!

Finally…who or what is Skyfall?!!

Go see for yourself!  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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LinenandRoses said...

I totally agree. Brilliant film. We saw it on the first night and I really want to see it again. My hubbie is a huge Bond fan but I've never been that bothered. I mean I've seen them all but never been particularly excited by them. But this is totally different. Daniel is definitely the best Bond. Skyfall is the name of the house by the way. Glad to have discovered your blog again. Fiona x