Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas Crafting!! ;-)

I stumbled across these cute, vintage, Christmas decorations, recently

and they now adorn some lavender pouches, which are about to be packed for

a vintage experience in Torquay, next Saturday.

More about that later on!

Meanwhile, it's a wet Saturday afternoon, it's a rugby on the box

 and so what better way than to surround oneself with a few, delightful,

Christmas, craft books, whilst one's other half (who takes up his role as England's 

rugby advisor in January!!!) enjoys a Saturday at home!

I've picked out these to inspire myself and hopefully, you too!

I've had a long spell away from serious crafting due to all sorts of other

pressures but I do love my books!

Here are some snippets:

If you are searching for a lovely Christmas present

 for someone special then this one's a delight!

As is this one, below; even though it is about 30 years old, I love it!

And you can't fail to fall in love with this delightful book:

First published in 1972, this book below was a wonderful resource when I was first teaching.

A brilliant book for finding out all about Christmas around the world 

as well as some making and creating!

And this one below, is brilliant!

Ooodles of ideas.... and templates if you require them.


'The Christmas Book' has plenty of food ideas, craft ideas

 and so much more to whet your appetite.

And if you fancy some folding fun...


Anonymous said...

Love your lavender parcels with vintage trims!
And wow...what a fab collection of crafting books...plenty there to keep you out of mischief!!!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh what wonderful books
Lots of ideas
Julie xxxxxx

Carol said...

Now stop it Sal, I have far too many books and there you are dangling more temptation!
Lovely lavendar packets with their cute vintage decs.
Carol xx

Alix said...

What cute little decorations! I am completely sold on anything in a pointy hat at the moment. I love the look of the Vintage Notions book - might have to point someone in the right direction there!

Linda Gilbert said...

We still put a woven Father Christmas up in our house that Briony made when she was in your class at Decoy xx happy days x