Monday, 4 June 2012

Happy and Glorious! ;-)

On Saturday we paid a visit to the

 ' Crikey Queenie, it's Vintage' Fair, at the Thistle Hotel, Exeter.

My favourite display had to be Jenny's, of Otto Retro.

Not only are her displays and her shop so lovely

but so is Jenny herself. Plus, she has a real talent

in how to show off her vintage wares !

Then I searched out Josie Mary, whose lovely stall

very much promoted the Jubilee theme.

There's nothing like a vivid splash

of red, white and blue to make one feel patriotic

 and Josie's stall won my prize for that!

This next stall caught my eye...this time, red and yellow being beautifully coordinated.

There were Union flags everywhere, naturally.

And a variety of vintage styles met my eye as I strolled around.

The lovely Dee was there, from 'Dee's Vintage Delights' blog.


 Crikey it's a Queenie...!

Reminders of  past memorabilia were dotted around.

They are so different from today's offerings, aren't they?

And then, that done, being very greedy for vintage

 we made our way down Fore Street, to Ottos

...where the jubilee flavour continued.

And that's not all!

One has to make an effort and thus on Sunday

a jolly jubilee buffet was on the menu!

.....along with that fabulous River Pageant!

Oh my goodness what a show!

I loved it all!

Long Live the Queen!

And here's to the next Jubilee! ;-)


Aunty Bee said...

Wow, that is one wonderful spread. I hope everyone in Britain enjoyed the day, the weather looked terrible but I bet people didn't really mind.

Down by the sea said...

I loved your vintage and Jubilee pictures from Exeter, but your jubilee spread has to take the prize it looks amazing!
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Yes! it is funny isn't it?
I have made him carry my favourite swan around on his head all day
He couldn't say a word because I am queen
All together now...
God save gracious me
Long live noble me
God save me

Josie-Mary said...

Now that's what I call a party tea!!! Yummy :) Thanks for your kind comments about my stall...... I do love a bit of red, white & blue! Otto's is looking great at the mo x

KC'sCourt! said...

I am definitely going to have to get to Ottos! I didn't get to Exeter Saturday so perhaps next time. Looks like the fair went very well. That spread of food looks yummy bet there wasn't much left at the end.
Julie xxxxxxxx

galant said...

Were you catering for the whole of Teigngrace? Have you any leftovers ... if so, you know where we live!
Margaret P