Saturday, 5 May 2012

A lovely lady ;-)

Royal fever hit Exeter on Wednesday as our lovely Queen

visited the city!

And she really did look lovely.

What a credit she is to our country.

Long live the Queen!

I couldn't be there to greet her personally

as I was a tad unwell this week

but a representative from my family was there

to wave his flag and savour the flavour

of the atmosphere.

Well done Nich!! ;-)

No doubt there will be a much better report on his blog.

Meanwhile, this morning, as I ambled through the market place of my own town

of Newton Abbot,  I picked up this:

I opened it, only to be reminded that the Queen has visited the town

 on a couple of occasions, in the past.

And I think Jubilee fever is about to hit my town!

I've said this before and I'll say it again...Newton Abbot

on a Saturday morning is heaving!!

It is one popular little town.

The hustle and the bustle hit me

as I made a brief visit.

There were market stalls in the main street

and the town was alive!!

This has to be due to the hard work of the town development manager

Sally (Great name) Henley!

Well done that lady!!

Do you know, I'm finding myself coming over all

 excited about the Queen's Jubilee! ;-)

At the very least, I reckon a tea party

ought to be organised at Snippets Towers!

What say you, Mr Snippets?



Anonymous said...

A garden party at Snippets Towers
Marquee and red carpet amidst the flowers
A civilised change from the usual orgies
But I'm dreading cleaning up after the corgis

Anonymous said...

One thanks one for the invite,
For lovely me plus one.
Teigngrace for rustic respite,
Would be such jolly fun.

One would have to dress like Davey Crocket,
Now! what does one think of that?
I'm sure I heard Philip say "f@#€ it",
"Teigngrace! wear the fox hat".

But sadly one will have to pass,
One has a lot on one should know.
One's nerves are shot like glass,
One's doctor says "take things slow"

One will have to dip out,
From seeing royal and lovely me.
Don't stop putting the flags out,
And laying on a superb tea.

One's sure to understand,
One's time elsewhere must be spent.
One can't relax at a garden party planned,
You see they're all in tents. (Oh Philip come and listen, it's the way one tells them)

Once again one thanks one,
For inviting lovely me.
One hopes that one too has fun,
During one's Diamond Jubilee.

"Liz, I've been thinking, Teigngrace is not that bad now"
"Really Philip, really! there's a poet who lives there who's worse than the one who wrote of Slough"