Monday, 7 May 2012

Pictures from Powderham ,today.

Today we drove over to a favourite haunt of ours...Powderham...

where the Deer were out in large numbers.

This delightful little plant shop has now been taken over by Toby Buckland.

And you can also buy online, from his nursery:

It's always a pleasure to visit here and of course there's also the food hall

and the coffee shop etc !

Hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday!


Nich said...

Well I think we will have to take a trip out to this colourful garden shop when I am back from my jolly ;-) What a lovely weekend activity!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures looks so lovely there!
Wish this weather would improve to inspire me to get gardening!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Anonymous said...

There was a flower there beyond compare
An English rose so true and fair
A blossom to behold for life
'twas called Sal, my beloved wife

galant said...

What a lovely day, but how on earth do you keep going, seeing so many places in Exeter all in one day? His Nibs here would just want to 'do' one of those places and then would want to head for home! But Hangar and Otto, the train journey, the walking, Toby Bucklands' etc, all in one day ... I'd have loved it, but I think we both would've been ex-haus-ted, dahling!
Oh, and in my Resources Cupboard, or close by, I hae one of those wind up gramophones from the 1920s/1930s! Couldn't bring myself to part with it whem Ma died. I let a lot of the 78s go, but not all of them, thank goodness, so I could dig it out and have it in the summerhouse!