Thursday, 8 March 2012

Books, London Love and ...a GIVEAWAY! ;-)

'' The street consists of 36 narrow little houses - all, at first glance, exactly the same;

and a mental picture of it generally includes a large pantechnicon van,

backed against the pavement and collecting or discharging household goods.''

This is Greenery Street.

It's a Persephone book, written by Denis Mackail, an author who lived

in Walpole Street, Chelsea...

and he made this the setting for Greenery Street.

I'm enjoying reading it and of course, as with every Persephone book,

you get the delightful end papers; this particular one, it is thought,

would have been the type of fabric which the young couple in the book

might've chosen for their sofa.

Continuing the London theme...

I have to say that there's somewhat of a 'London Love'

going on in my study!

When I was a classroom teacher, 'London' was a wonderful topic

to work on with the children and teaching so close to the city meant

that there were fabulous visits to be had.

I think the best visit ever was to the London Transport Collection,

when it was based at at Syon Park, Brentford.

And that's where I found the 'Avoid Delay' poster, which advertises

the London Underground.

Anyway, it being the Queen's Jubilee year and also the Olympic Games,

one has to make an effort, doesn't one...?!!

I found this gorgeous card , yesterday, in my fave card shop,

The Card Gallery, Exeter.

It's entitled, 'Rain in the Strand'

by John Haskins.

So there you have it...London Love...and hopefully the children will

feel inspired ! That's the idea!

If they don't then at least I do!! ;-)

My next love...I like to search for older style Puffin books.

And this week I managed to find these...boxed and a snip at £4.99!!

I already have a newer set but they don't compare to these!

No doubt I'll find a place for them in my rather busy study!! LOL!

This week I've also acquired, 'War Horse' written by Michael Morpurgo excellent read.

If you'd like to enter my giveaway, then just comment on this post

saying which book you've read and really enjoyed, just lately

OR which book you want to read soonish.

And now, I really am wending my way to my workplace, to do some

proper work!

Have a great day!



delia hornbook said...

Wow first off your study looks such a cosy place to unwind in io would love to look on your bookshelves. I love Exeter to its one of my favourite places i very often hop on the train and take myself up there for the day. Otto retro being one of my favorite shops. Loving those puffin books i have a few of those i also have that same boxset of Narnia although i have never read them. I have just finished reading a 72 year old version of the wind in the willows by Kenneth Grahame its such a beautifully written book with no added adaptions like the modern version and i have loved it. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

KC'sCourt! said...

I was in Exeter today!
One wonderful study I'm envious! It beautiful. I see you have a few of my favorite books Moonfleet, The Ballet Shoes and the Treasure Seekers. Elidor and the Silver Sword I have read a few times and when my son had to read the Silver Sword for English about seventeen years ago I borrowed it on the days didn't need to take it to school! And I am really jealous the Narnia Chronicles........I once had that set but somehow it when missing a few years ago.

My favorite of all books is Edith Nesbits The Railway Children. I love it, I know if off by heart but I cannot put it down!
Julie xxxxxxx

galant said...

What a lovely study/teaching room you have ... just wish my school room had been half as inspirational in the 1950s!
Current reading is the fourth and final part of Elizabeth Jane Howard's marvellous Cazalet Chronicles (The Light Years; Marking Time; Confusion; Casting Off). This should be required reading for students as it such a marvellous account of how life was for the middle-classes in the period 1938-1947, which covers the run up to war, the war itself and the austerity which continued after the war. That makes it sound grim but it's a glorious read of a family living on the Kent coast. I would recommend it to anyone from 16 to 65 and beyond, especially beyond as they would recall the period themselves!

Twiggy said...

The last 2 books I've read and really enjoyed are ones that have been on my to do list for years. The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald -LOVED it and The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford - magic !! I also bought a vintage copy of my very favourite childrens book to read to Twiglet - A Gift From Winklesea -he loved it too !!!
Twiggy x

Down by the sea said...

What a wonderful collection of books. I loved those illustrations in the ladybird books. I also belonged to the Puffin Club in the 1970's and had many puffin books.One of my favourite books was 'A Traveller in Time' by Alison Uttley.

Miaou said...

What a fabulous collection! I recognise so many of those editions from my childhood, particularly the Narnia series and Ballet Shoes, and the Silver Sword which I studied at school. Happy memories! I would love to read Cold Comfort Farm as I've never read it, never seem to have been able to find a copy somehow!

Pennyblossoms said...

Goodness, a child couldn't help but be inspired in such a marvelous study! It looks amazing...gets my brain ticking with just the photos!
I never read as much now as I used to; always feel I should be 'doing' something. Silly, I know.
I'd like to read Philip Pullman's Dark Materials Trilogy series and Lyra's Oxford, as a lot of it is set in my favovourite place ever, Jericho.
Have a great weekend
Z xx

veronica said...

We are lucky to have an old fashioned bookshop in our village and when I passed the other day there in the window was Enid Blyton's Magazine Annual No.2. I used to read this in the 50s, so, for £3 I took it home and was transported back to being about 9 or 10 again. Veronica.

Graham said...

It has to be Swallows and Amazons, although my fav is also The Railway Children, then it would be as yoi know I am a train nut and old softy