Friday, 6 January 2012

Simply books!! ;-)

There's nothing like the feel of a good book, is there?!

(Regardless of the advantages of a Kindle! )

And there's nothing like giving or receiving lovely books.

I love books!

So here are the lovely books that I have recently either received or given:

I have to admit that I love these books

by Miroslav Sasek!

If I had the room , I would collect... the whole lot!

Funnily enough (and unbeknown to me until I showed him

my London book) , Nich was given the 'This is Paris' which is in the same series.

I'll nab that when he isn't looking! ;-)

'This is London' now takes pride of place in my little classroom.

I'm itching to do some mini London projects with the children.

Moving on...I'm very inspired by some of the ideas in this lovely book:

And this next book is a joy to behold as are most things illustrated by Pat Albeck.

If you didn't already know, she is Matthew Rice's mother....

thus Emma Bridgewater's mother in law!

This book is beautiful!

More inspiration in the form of...

There's plenty to get your creative juices flowing here, that's for sure!!

And talking of gingerbread men...I gave this book to my daughter,

at Christmas:

And then bought it for myself!! I thought the ideas were brilliant

and not just for baking!

Nich received the top two of these books below, from me.

I gave my mum the Vintage Gibbons book

and Greavsie's book to my Torquay supporter nephew!

(Good job I didn't get the wrapping muddled up!!)

I already own 'Where's Your Caravan?' so didn't have to sneakily read it first!!;-)

I grabbed this next one when I saw it for snip, in a charity shop.

In my classroom, I already have some lovely Rupert fabric

which I bought from Donna, some time ago and had been looking for

a Rupert annual for ages!

Phew...all that reading lined up...and then these arrive!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

;-) x


Hen said...

I agree Sal, the most exciting thing for me at xmas/birthdays is a pile of new books. I am lucky that Andy loves books and reading too and now so does the Munch. Who needs computer games?!
Hen xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

Books - I love books, lovely selection there. The London book fascinates me. I looked at the Dress your Gingerbread, I ummmed and arrhed but didn't buy it wished I had now!!
I treated myself to a Country Living subscription as a christmas present to me
Julie xxxxxxxx

LissyLou said...

me too - i've had dreams since i was a girl of having a libary in my house - for now i'll just make do with a bookcase- ;)

I like those this is books too, i'd like to get them for the boys actually this year x

Mantha said...

Sal i just love books too, i got a pile for xmas and two more arrived today :) Happy Days.. Love Rupert, you have reminded me to post about my Rupert calender the pictures are so beautiful i don't want to use it lol ..
Have a great day :)
Mantha xx

Down by the sea said...

I also love books the ones in your blog look good. I always can't wait to get home from the library and spend sometime looking through what I have chosen!

Sheila said...

How lucky, getting books is great, you feel really spoiled as you know that person really knows you.
Rupert will go down well in your classroom, he is wonderful.

Kelly said...

I'm a bit late in popping over to wish a very Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope 2012 is kind to you and that you get all you could possibly wish for xxx

Josie-Mary said...

Some lovely books there Sal, I have far too many books but can't help myself! x

Sarah said...

Great books - Amazon has a lot to answer to - I'm always adding books to my virtual basket! I've got the London one and love it, and interestingly enough Homes and Antiques magazine did a little piece on the Homemade Gifts Vintage Style Book. Off to Amazon again!

selfsewn@summerfete said...

Hi Sal!
I love books!!!

Sorry I've been awol from you for so long. I've cleared out my follow list so I can read more of the blogs I love.

Happy New Year!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Gorgeous books! I did a post in November re one of the designs in the London book, I did peg doll soldiers and sold them in aid of the Poppy Appeal!

i agree about kindles, there is nothing like a page in a book x

Bobbie Lynn said...

You seem to find the neatest books. Happy reading. : )

Carol said...

Evening Sal, great post. I love books, I'm surrounded by books and I've just been reorganising because I wanted to liberate some books stored under the stairs.
As I sit here I can see a shelf of books from my childhood including "Uncle Mac's Children's Hour", "Nicholas Thomas on Timothy's Farm", "My Animal Picture Book" even a pop-up book "Ballet" by Violet La Mont has survived. I spy a couple of favourites "Tales from Ebony" and "The Water Babies".
Then I could start on my gardening books .............. but I won't!
I guess books on Kindle have their place but you just can't beat the feel of a book, the memory it invokes, the messages to a little child. Totally irreplaceable.
Carol xx