Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A bit of simple crafting!

Very aware that my crafting has taken a back seat for some time, I felt quite inspired

before Christmas, when I picked up 'Patch' and thumbed through it.

I made these little patchwork lavender bags for a friend's 'new home' pressy...

I hope she likes them!

The book is gorgeous ..I just love the snippets of vintage fabrics

included in the ideas and I could sit and stare at them

for ages.

So...' Start the year as you mean to go on', I said to myself!

I've tidied up my craft room, which had become a dumping ground over Christmas.

I gathered all my vintage scraps... and lo and behold...

a bit of crazy patchwork.

My New Year's do a bit more crafting...

along with a bit more reading!

Books next time!!



LissyLou said...

Very pretty sal. X

Alix said...

So pretty! I'm sure your friend will be delighted with her present! I need to tidy up my craft room which similarly got dumped into over the festivities. The worst bit is the enormous backlog of ironing to do (though normally I don't mind it). To spur me on, I'm heading over to your shop - some new fabric would give me a good reason to get in there and get on!

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely Lavender Bags.
Hey Sal I think we have the same sewing machine!
Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

By the look of your craft room you do not need to buy any more fabric for a very long time to come. Are you listening? If you are anything like my other 'crafty' friends, the advice goes in one ear and out the other. Happy New Year.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Just love your fabric stash there Sal. That book looks like a lot of fun projects. Thanks for letting us know. I'm looking for a book for a friend that just started sew. That maybe a good book for her.
Good New year's resolutions too. Have great day.

Twiggy said...

Very pretty, Happy New Year Sal
Twiggy x

Mantha said...

Very nice Sal .. i was reading the same last night .. love CK :) and i have plenty of feedsack scraps so this would be a lovely little project .. so thats another to add to my list .. have a lovely evening xx

Carol said...

Hi Sal, I'm sorting out my craft supplies, if they were more accessible I know I'd do more. My resolutions are to do more cross stitching, more crocheting and more gardening, having looked at your lovely patchwork gifts I think I'll add "more sewing" too!
Carol xx

bellaboo said...

Happy New Year! Lovely patchwork....I think I need to learn how to do it this year. :0)

Callies Cottage said...

Happy New Year Sal!
I have just been given Patch! too,so am itching to delve in...But I have too been giving my craft room a good tidy up-looks like you could open yours as a shop!
Happy Crafting!
Warm Wishes,

Thefabricofmylife said...

That is so funny Sal, my resolutions are the same as yours, along with getting more organised. I look forward to catching uo with you during the year to see how we are getting along with those ;-)