Thursday, 10 November 2011

Clean oven!! ;-)

On Monday..I treated myself!

Ok, I'm a lazy madam!;-)

Anyway... I treated myself to .... having my oven cleaned!

I love my's a Britannia range oven and it's been an excellent oven.

We had it installed about eight years ago, when we had a new kitchen.

Over the years, I have to admit, I've skimmed the surface

as far as cleaning it is concerned;

my oven deserves better, I decided!

So when a card was put through my mum's door recently,

we looked at each other and said, 'Right..let's ring that number!

And along came a very nice man called Bill!

I was bowled over by his politeness!

I left my oven in his capable hands

and he gave my oven four and a half hours of TLC! horrid chemicals were involved in the sprucin' up

of my oven.

If you're in my area and are thinking of having your oven cleaned...

then I can thoroughly recommend this company.

Then he came back the following morning and did the oven hood etc

So..all in oven has had a real good M.O.T!


Monday, 7 November 2011

Three Helens and a some black swans! ;-)

Isn't this beautiful?

When we were at Frome, last week, I waited eagerly for a certain someone

to turn up with something that I had bought from her ; something to put away

for Meggy, for when she is older!

A gorgeous crib, beautifully made (naturally!) by the very talented Helen !


With a lovely little embroidered pillow, beautiful patchwork cover and

wonderful finishing touches, this is a real delight for a little girl!

So, how could I not resist it?

I've put in a lovely knitted bunny, which I bought from another

very clever Helen:

I've also included a little rag doll which I happened to see in M&S!

Now all we need, is for one little girl to grow up a bit!

Meanwhile, it is living under my stairs with an assortment of toys in it!

Thank you Hen. It is beautiful and I know it will

bring hours of fun!!'s the lucky recipient...

Meggy is almost 9 months old now!

She isn't crawling but is slowly moving around on her bottom!

This, I think, was inevitable as both her mum and dad...and grandma..

bottom shuffled!

She's a very content little girl indeed and we love her to bits!

Yesterday , we went to visit and gave her an early Christmas present...

a little bean bag chair

which Helen (yet another Helen!) and Ben, said they would like for her.

Here she is , proudly showing off her two bottom teeth!

On the way home, we stopped off at Dawlish, for a wander .

Dawlish is the home of the famous black swans!

The black swans were introduced to the town from New Zealand,

by a man called John Nash...who was born in Dawlish but emigrated

during adulthood.

After that, he paid frequent visits to Dawlish.

The black swan has been the town's emblem for over forty years.

Finally, I am gathering more vintage fabrics and getting ready for my next vintage fair...


This is the lovely fair at Portscatho.

It's on Sunday 27th November.

Have a great week everyone!