Saturday, 14 May 2011

Yellow is the colour!! ;-)

It's a simple, little place.

It's unassuming and almost hidden away in

Ticklemore Street, Totnes!

It's THE place to go for your mid morning drink and natter!

And of course, it's always the place to start the day before negotiating

that famous hill!

And talking of all things yellow...

I'm off to the football play offs!!

Come on you yellows!!

Go Torquay United! ;-)

Have a great weekend,everyone!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pretty pleasures!

I do love the colours on the cover of the latest Country Living Mag!

Pretty things seem to be the order of the day, today !

I'm gathering together pretty vintage fabrics for the next fair:

The Vintage and Handmade Textile Fair at Chipping Sodbury!

I just love these...

1940s florals are a huge favourite with me!

They are harder and harder to find..or should I say

harder and harder to find at a reasonable price!

I've watched auctions reach $100 for a yard of fabric

Crazy or what?!!

There is a limit to what I'll pay...and what I have in my purse!

Now and again, I add to my own little faves!

Just to fold them, stroke them and stack them, inspires me!

Moving yellows...

Everything in my garden is a month early!

This beautiful climbing rose burst into bloom last week!

Seems a bit odd to see it in bloom, in May...

and the beginning of May at that!

I think it's 'Golden Showers'. We inherited it when we moved here.

In another corner of the garden the pinks and purples are busy doing their thing!

I love it when the first Lupin blooms.

This one is early too!

So... which pretty pleasures are making you happy today?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Book 'finds'!!

Wasn't it fun to wake up today and find that Google

had celebrated Roger Hargreaves and the Mr Men?

Better still, that they keep changing the pictures...all

16 of them!

I don't have a full set of these books but it prompted me

to fetch them from my bookcase and remind myself

of these funny little characters!

Did you have a fave?

I remember that my daughter loved Mr Bump!

This was going to be a book blog post anyway and so moving on...

I found this one recently in the Oxfam bookshop, in town:

I'm quite a fan of the older Puffin books so was delighted

to also find this too:

Other faves of mine are these old Shell guides.

I happened to find this one in 'This'n That',Totnes.

With such beautiful illustrations,

the Shell guides were excellent, I think.

But my best little 'find' has to be this...even though I already had

one or two on my bookshelf!

I found a boxed set...

Once upon a time, there was a little girl.

She had a father and a mother and a Grandpa and a Grandma

and an Uncle and an Aunty; and they all lived together

in a nice white cottage with a thatched roof.

This was one of my favourite sets of books, when I was a little girl.

I'd read them over and over again.

So simple... and what an escape!

How I longed for that sort of innocent, country childhood!

Joyce Lancaster Brisley wrote and illustrated these books,

which were first printed in 1925.

The family meal!

A simple childhood full of simple pleasures.

This is how I feel that childhood should be!

Quaint... but at the same time growing up to appreciate the

beauty of the world around us.

Doing all the things which gave such enormous fun.


Learning..and loving life...

Come on, smile!


Bank Holiday fun!

Oh yes, Millicent Margaret Amanda...

you had the most fabulous childhood...

a childhood with all the right values , that's for sure!

Simply a joy!

Have you acquired any good books just lately?

If tell!!

Hope everyone has a good week ;-) x