Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pretty pleasures!

I do love the colours on the cover of the latest Country Living Mag!

Pretty things seem to be the order of the day, today !

I'm gathering together pretty vintage fabrics for the next fair:

The Vintage and Handmade Textile Fair at Chipping Sodbury!

I just love these...

1940s florals are a huge favourite with me!

They are harder and harder to find..or should I say

harder and harder to find at a reasonable price!

I've watched auctions reach $100 for a yard of fabric

Crazy or what?!!

There is a limit to what I'll pay...and what I have in my purse!

Now and again, I add to my own little faves!

Just to fold them, stroke them and stack them, inspires me!

Moving yellows...

Everything in my garden is a month early!

This beautiful climbing rose burst into bloom last week!

Seems a bit odd to see it in bloom, in May...

and the beginning of May at that!

I think it's 'Golden Showers'. We inherited it when we moved here.

In another corner of the garden the pinks and purples are busy doing their thing!

I love it when the first Lupin blooms.

This one is early too!

So... which pretty pleasures are making you happy today?


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I love the floral fabric, it is very Liberty or should I say Liberty is very vintage floral!

Your yellow roses are gorgeous, my crimson climing rose is bursting out all over too! We are blessed with beautiful blooms aren't we!

Hen said...

Hello Sal,
I agree that everything is flowering spookily early this year. Your garden is looking mighty fine. Such a lot of work at this time of year, don't you find? That's even before we have to start watering in earnest. I completely missed my lovely peony flowering while we were away. My roses are looking good too and while I was just outside watering, I counted 8 flower spikes coming on my lupin. My neighbours' (at the cottage) lupins are well in flower, huge big bushes of them, I'm so jealous!
Loving the fabrics - of course! Hope the fair goes well.
Love Hen x

landcuckoo said...

Stunning roses Sal. Fabric and flowers make me happy too.
Sarah x

Twiggy said...

Gorgeous pics Sal. I have an oriental poppy that has just flowered next to a purple lupin, looks stunning. I must take a photo.
Twiggy x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely cheerful colours Sal! Tamzin is just starting work on a patchwork cushion using the fabrics you gave her - now that she has finished uni for the year she has a chance to do something creative.


Vintage Tea Time said...

Gosh, your flowers are early! Roses only just coming out here. Such a lovely time in the garden though - when everything's just appearing - I love it! - makes me happy! Abby x

Pomona said...

I have completed another row of a very pretty patchwork quilt, and cast on a tea cosy, which I hope will be pretty, too, but plenty of pleasure anyway. Love your fabrics!

Pomona x

Annie said...

Lovely pictures Sal, your yellow rose is gorgeous. I love the cover of the latest Country Living too, it's really eye catching.
Ann x

Ticking stripes said...

Lovely post Sal - gorgeous fabrics!

Josie-Mary said...

I spotted the CL mag, lovely :) Your garden is beautiful, my roses are also doing really well this year :)

galant said...

Lovely fabrics, lovely flowers ... I wish I could get lupins to grow in our garden ... I've heard they like plenty of sunlight and a slightly acid soil, but nothing I do seems to work. A year or two ago we planted six of them, five totally disappeared without trace and the sixth struggles to survive! Meanwhile weeds flourish. There's no justice to gardenins, is there?
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fabric. My roses are blooming too, so lovely ... :0)