Thursday, 7 April 2011

A few questions....

Would you like a grand day out?

You would?

Do you eat, sleep, dream and breathe vintage ?

You do?

Are you free this Saturday?

You are?

Well, what a coincidence... as so am I!!

So...come along and join me and Mr Snippets,

PLUS all the usual suspects and more...


The Vintage and Handmade Fair

Chipping Sodbury Town Hall

High Street

Chipping Sodbury

BS37 6AD


It's a guaranteed, great day out!

With an array of vintage and handmade goods,

much vintage chit chat,

vintage flavour to savour, all day,

tea and cake ...

what more could you want?

I'll be there with my offerings of gorgeous vintage cotton fabrics !

See you there!

10 am 'til 4pm


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Splashes of colour ;-)

'Tidy up time' has taken place in my garden and at first sight

you might think that the garden is positively colourless...

until you look more closely!

Oh, how I love this time of year in the garden!

Everything is so new and friends are popping up all

over the place to say, 'hello'!


I don't think so!


Monday, 4 April 2011

Mothering Weekend!

My wonderful children mean the world to me.

If you read my blog, you'll know that my daughter is now a mum

and enjoying this 'lifelong task' to the full!

Nich now has the most lovely girlfriend plus..he is soon off on his travels,

to Canada...oh dear more fretting for me!!


At the weekend, I was lucky enough to see both of them...Helen arriving

on Saturday with a card, flowers and chocolates...

and of course Ben and Meggy came too!

On Mothering Sunday...the house was very quiet as I rose early to

teach one lesson.

I had the shock of my life as I walked into my craft room

only to find that it had been altered into a flower shop!

To Helen and Nich...
Thank you to both of you!


Sunday, 3 April 2011

'You're not meant to be here!' ;-)

Yesterday brought a very important visitor!

It also brought to an end my thoughts of EVER re - training to be a midwife!!

Meggy...what a little treasure! ;-)

It made up for the disappointing day on Friday

when Mr S took the day off so that we could go to the Retro Romp!

Well, that was a total waste of time!

I will be afraid to show my face in Torquay, for a long time to come!

Oh dear!

In short..

Retro Romp

(Supposed to be opening at 11am)

We arrived at just before 11.30 to find that there were still stalls being set up.

The girl on the desk said, 'Do go upstairs, there is a lot more.

We did as we were told, only to find one seller only with bags and bags

of stuff all over the floor.

''Retro Rip Off!''

...we said to the girl on the desk and at that point someone 'more

important' came along and told us that

we should, 'Come back tomorrow'.

That made us mad...and thus ensued a...

Retro Rant!

'You advertised it as a three day event, opening at 11am', we argued!

'Well, come back later', replied she.

'Not good enough..!' we retorted!

'We want a ...

Retro Refund!!

(I mean...I really wanted to say..

'Do you realise who we are....we are Mr and Mrs Snippets!!)


If you are going to advertise something to start at 11am on a Friday,

then in my opinion you should ALL be ready for that opening time!!

I don't care that it was probably very good as the weekend progressed and that

it was probably very good for the evening events...the fact is that

it was rubbish when we arrived and that's all I can judge it on!!

Mr S and I made a hasty exit.....laughed our heads off at the useless organisation

and attitude...looked at each other

and I said, ' What now? '

No prizes for guessing where we ended up!


'You're not meant to be here!' said a friendly face as we wandered

through a certain market!

It was a day when I window shopped only as I wasn't meant to be there!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend ;-)