Thursday, 7 April 2011

A few questions....

Would you like a grand day out?

You would?

Do you eat, sleep, dream and breathe vintage ?

You do?

Are you free this Saturday?

You are?

Well, what a coincidence... as so am I!!

So...come along and join me and Mr Snippets,

PLUS all the usual suspects and more...


The Vintage and Handmade Fair

Chipping Sodbury Town Hall

High Street

Chipping Sodbury

BS37 6AD


It's a guaranteed, great day out!

With an array of vintage and handmade goods,

much vintage chit chat,

vintage flavour to savour, all day,

tea and cake ...

what more could you want?

I'll be there with my offerings of gorgeous vintage cotton fabrics !

See you there!

10 am 'til 4pm



KC'sCourt! said...

I working on it to get there, as it is the same distance to there as it is to Totnes for us!:~) Perhaps persuading I'd like it as my birthday treat - he doesn't know what to buy me........:~0
Well it is a week away!!!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

See you soon Sal! Your fabics look beautifully springy....


landcuckoo said...

Have a great time this weekend, I'll be out on Bedford market myself so wont be seeing you in person but looking forward to seeing the pictures next week
Sarah x

dosierosie said...

Thanks for the invite unfortunately I can't make it this time. You have fun though.

Christy@WickedHappy said...

The commute is much to far for me I'm afraid, but it sounds simply wonderful! Hope you have an awesome time!

Cowboys and Custard said...

I think I am free tomorrow..
See you there!!
Have a good journey.

Michele x

Jewels said...

Sal I would LOVE to come but an awful long hike for me - your fabrics are truly "slurpy" (in my house that means just delish). Oh well, have a GREAT time....

Alix said...

In answer to the questions - yes, yes and YES! I was so glad I got there and it was lovely to meet and chat to you and Mr Snippets! It was a great day out, well worth the drive, with so much to look at and the friendliest of stallholders. Hope it was a good day for you too!

sweetmyrtle said...

hi Sal, hope the fair was a great success. brings back memories of meeting you at the first ever one. hope you and Mr Snippets are well. lots of love Ginny xxx