Sunday, 30 October 2011

The new 'VINTAGE PARTY'...WOO HOO!! ;-) LOL!

‘’Thanks for having us Lizzie…it was a great day!’’

‘’Thanks for coming, Sal!’’

‘’Oh, the way…can we expect a poem?’’

(Dammit, I thought I’d got away with it!)


Order, Order!

Listen to our Queen!

She has a declaration,

To be heard, not seen!

‘’The government of this fine land

Are nothing but a shower!

I do decree they must be sacked

They can’t rule for one more hour!’’

‘’From this day forth, I do decree,

( Let your applause be hearty)

The rulers of this land will be…


‘’And so my subjects, hear my words,

I say, ‘’ Out with the old’’

And umm,errr,ahhh, I’ll say again

T’is , umm.. in with the old!’’

‘’With me, at my fine palace,

Fresh from a place called Frome,

Are two fine gals who can do the job

And lift the doom and gloom’’

‘’A washerwoman as new PM!

Can you really believe that?

A milliner as deputy!

This calls for a new hat!’

‘’This is the way that it will be,

The way that I declare!

So welcome Liz …you are a sport

Along with your mate, Clare!’’

‘’Thus, in no particular order,

( So please clap if you can)

The cabinet , from this day forth

Will be this happy clan…’’

‘’Minister for Patchwork,

Will be the clever Hen

She sews and sews, from morn til night

In her fabby Den!’’

‘’Minister for Interiors

Is someone with such style

It is, of course, Amanda!

With her lovely smile!’’ ;-)

‘’Minister for Defence

De sheds and de!

Is that lovely lady Aileen

She'll make your heart sing!’’

‘’Minister for vintage clobber

Especially fine shoes!

Is Donna Flower, the stylish gal

I hope you like this news?!’’

‘’Minister for vintage displays

Trixie, that friendly lass!

Her presentation, faultless

We like her style and class!’’

‘’Minister for all stuffed friends!

Will be Michele (from Bath)

Her bunnies and her bears

Will always make you laugh!’’

‘’Minister for fine china

Is a very important role

And so, I do declare,

The job goes to Jayne Soule!’’

‘’Speaker…now you’ll love this!

The speaker will be Woo!

‘Order order’, will be no more.

To be replaced with a loud ‘WOO HOO!’’’

‘’Chancellor, simply has to be

Someone we can trust!

So I appoint Barbara to this post

This really is a must!’’

‘’Minister for Education

Will be Sally Hall!

All children to learn vintage words,

Pinned upon the wall!’’

‘’Minister for Justice…

Mr Snippets ,what a fave!

His collection of vintage whips

Will help us all behave!'' ;-) ;-)

‘’As the days progress,

More roles will be a decided.

So don’t be sad if you’re not on the list

But I do have to be guided…’’

‘’By the two young gals who stole the show

At today’s Vintage Bazaar

They showed leadership and stamina

I think they will go far!’’

This government will work soooo well!

This team …what a variety!

We’ll show the land what is really meant

By that Big Society!

And so, please join me in applause

And thank them for the day!

Hip hip, Hip hip, Hip hip, Hip hip

Hooray, hooray, hooray!

Three cheers for Lizzie and Clare and the new..

Vintage Party!



Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh you are a clever thing Sal - I'm sure the country would be much better run with the Vintage Party in charge!


Anonymous said...

Hear hear!

So let's start with some demands

What do we want?

We don't know

When do we want it?

Want what?

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW've done it again!
However you come up with these amazing poems, I shall never know!
Absolutely brilliant and what a great idea...the Vintage Party to run the country...if only we could find the time!!!
Lots of love...
Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Fantastic Sal - but then we expect nothing less from you now. With you as MinofEd the country would soon be TicketyBoo.

Lovely to see you yesterday and do the proud grannies bit :o)) xx

BusyLizzie said...

sal, this has to be the best one yet! Fantastic, you are a star! Queenie xx

Thefabricofmylife said...

Sal you are brilliant and I am delighted with my position. I will take my new role very seriously ;-)

Lovely day, lovely people, lovely purchases, what more could we want. See you at the V&H for a rerun xxx

Hen said...

Top stuff Sal, I was so carried away by the poem, I need to go back and actually look at the photos now! Fab to see you both for a natter and to come away with fine vintage fabric, what more can a girl ask for?!
Hen x

veronica said...

Wonderful. IF ONLY!!!!! Veronica