Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nostalgic Mix 3 !

We certainly had our fix of nostalgia, yesterday, at NM3!

Lesley did another splendid job, with her first class organisation,

and superb advertising,which meant that the flow of customers

continued from the moment the doors opened until the end of the fair.

One of my favourite stalls at this fair, is Helen's.

She is of 'Bustle and Sew' fame.

I chose one of her creations, for my 'newly created' toy box,

which sits under my stairs at the moment, for when a certain

little person comes visiting!!

This ABC pic is made using a variety of vintage feedsacks.

It was beautiful....and needless to say, was soon sold!

More of Helen and her patterns, here:

Moving on...

Lesley's husband, 'Mr This 'n That',

has taken the vintage theme one step further and following

the success of his 'Guy's Stuff' at the last fair,

'Boy's Toys' made its entrance, yesterday!

Another highlight of this fair just has to be....the vintage style tea room!

I like the fact that we don't have to take a cake along for this fair...

it's all done for us!

'More Tea Vicar' is simply the best!

Avril makes everything herself and along with her trusty

other half, they provided the best service, with a smile.

And that also included home made soup, for lunch!

They are the nicest people!

A big thank you to them both!;-)

A few of the 'usual suspects were at the fair...

Amanda was in a slightly, saucy mood, yesterday!

Mrs (and Mr) Washerwoman (aka Lizzie and Jack) were also there

along with many more stall holders.

I would've had a lot more photos to show but am I a silly chump?

I forgot to turn on the flash and so too many of my pics

were dark and gloomy.

This event was far from was a delight!!

Thanks Lesley!

And also a big thank you to my other half, Mr Snippets, for

helping me! ;-)

I am certainly looking forward to NM4!

And what's the betting that it will be, 'Lads' Fads' next time around?



Hen said...

Whoa, check out those cakes! It looks to have been a fab day.

Sally said...

Wished I lived nearby it looks soooo gooood!! Lovely pics as always! Love the knitted bunnies!
Sally xox

KC'sCourt! said...

I do hope cakes that look something like that will be there next time!
I'll try and make the next one
Julie xxxxxx

galant said...

Oh, how I longed to be there instead of having lunch with the elderly rellies, but there's always spring ... and those cakes! Oh, what have I missed! And I loved the stall with all that vintage linen, just what I'm looking for, and the cups and saucers ... Oh, I hate seeing all this knowing I should've been there!!! But lovely pix Sal. By the way, if you have Picasa in your computer, you can lighten the dull photos slightly.
Margaret P

BusyLizzie said...

Great pix Sal! I haven't sorted mine out yet. It certainly was an excellent fair.. and I loved the Bustle & Sew stand too! xx

Anonymous said...

A great day and great fair yet again!
Thanks for your company and for taking such a lovely selection of photos to record the day.
Those cakes!!! begins tomorrow!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you so much Sal for your wonderful photos and kind comments!
We had a fantastic day and it was such a great pleasure to meet and serve so many lovely people.
All the stalls looked amazing!
I cant wait to test some new recipes out for next time, who knows I might even be blogging myself by then! (apologies for the late comments as I had know idea what to do ,but the lovely Amanda (shabby Chic) explained to me today,thanks Amanda.)
Love Avril (More Tea Vicar)