Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Shed week!! ;-)

It's 'SHED WEEK'!!

Way hay!!

Better still, if you visit the this website you can view sheds galore,

including the 'Shed of the year!'

I absolutely loved reading about the winner's shed :

Jon said “I’m absolutely thrilled to win Shed of the Year, especially against such tough competition. I inherited my shed and its contents from the previous owners of my house and had been using it for storage until the idea to turn it into a music venue came about in 2009 after a visit to the local pub. I set up the ‘Songs from the Shed’ website which is where I upload videos of bands playing acoustic sessions from the shed. Since I started inviting bands to play in the shed things have really taken off, with over 1,000 musicians having had their songs videoed here so far, including well-known stars such as Steve Harley, future stars such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich, bands from the USA, the Netherlands, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Australia and Tasmania and even a 26-strong gospel choir.

And this bit intrigued me...

''As far as we can tell the shed was formerly a First World War billet hut. The house that the shed belongs to was built for heroes returning from the war so they could have a smallholding with income. We are lead to believe that during the construction of the house prisoners of war lived in the shed whilst they built the house.

In mid June the shed is going through extensive repairs as it has been infested with wood worm. All outer cladding will be removed and the frame sprayed and repaired the new cladding and doors fitted.''


More here:


You can read more here about the various winners, here:

and view even more readers sheds, here:

In fact, why not spend the whole day looking at sheds/summerhouses!!



Now then......guess what?

It just so happens that today is the day!! the Snippets garden, something is happening!!

We're having a new garden feature in the corner of our garden.... really is a matter of, 'watch this space'

Meanwhile...I am still undecided on colours

(although I am keen on the cream/willow combination)...

so what do YOU think?

I'm really looking forward to this 'project' , especially

gathering bits for the interior and planning

the garden area outside it...Hollyhocks, Foxgloves

etc...which I've sown already! And I've a herb garden planned too.

Mr S says he is going to make a picket fence etc ...

and then all we need are our deckchairs and knotted handkerchiefs!! LOL!

You can sense my excitement!

Back soon with an 'update' !!



Menopausalmusing said...

I read your post title in my Google Reader and smiled, wondering if you were getting your shed today. Have a BIG smile on my face and am looking forward to enjoying your shed by proxy. Shall look at all your glorious links later. Love that bunch of flowers on your header. My kind of flowers........ love 'em!

Hen said...

How exciting, Sal! We painted our shed and arbour at the cottage willow and it looks very nice. It's a great product actually, much better than the smelly old creosotes used to be!

Andi's English Attic said...

Oh enjoy your shed. After reading the shed website, you're going to have so much fun with yours. xx

KC'sCourt! said...

Willow sounds a lovely colour and cream on the inside........
Julie xxxxxxxx