Saturday, 9 July 2011

Can this really be Trago ? ;-)

We're very lucky to live near to Trago Mills!

The trouble is that we both hate the place!! LOL ;-)

So, we haven't been there for quite some truth we avoid it!

However... someone told me, just last week, that I would find

Cuprinol paint there, at a good price!

And so off we go...


Having purchased our paint etc etc, we quickly found our way

to the garden centre... and beyond.

It's the 'beyond' bit that , in my opinion, is the very best bit about

Trago Mills...that is , apart from the road out of the place! ;-)

They have made some gorgeous model gardens and

I have to say that I was dead impressed!!

Take the Environmental Garden.

Now this really did appeal to me and I could have happily

taken it home with me.

A bicycle, bedstead and old tin bath, amongst other well worn

bits and pieces, completed this very lovely scene.

Then there was Canal Street....

A little street of terraced homes, overlooking the canal with

this gorgeous green barge taking pride of place on the water.

Not far away was, 'The Railway Children's Garden'

An idyllic little scene!

I loved the rather stately Red Hot Pokers with their strong, striking

colours, against the backdrop of the green engine.

Ellie the engine!

Totally lovely!

And then a reminder of where we we needed that!

I loved this...


... a Cornish beach scene met our eyes.

And here we have the 'Four Seasons Garden'

I'm not quite sure what will happen here in the autumn,winter or spring..

no doubt I will drag Mr S (kicking and screaming) back here, to take a look!

Moving on...

If ever there was a moment that I wanted to get out my paintbrushes

and create, in order to knock up a bit of ' in the style of Monet ' ,

this was it! Hee hee!!

I do so love Water Lilies!

..and these were stunning!

An oriental touch was very pleasing too...

Next up...a more formal Italian area ...

And wandering around looking at these lovely gardens,

just for a brief moment, I thought that I was perhaps at Wisley

or somewhere equally as wonderful !

Until I turned around ...


What a place!

Don't be fooled...

I've given you absolutely no idea of what this place

is REALLY like but I HAVE given you the 'alternative' view!

Do you know, that during our walk around these delightful

gardens, we saw four other people?!

We more or less had the area to ourselves!

Down in the shopping area, there were more like 4 thousand!!

I think that says it all, don't you?!



Anonymous said...

When I leave the isolation ward I am going to run like heck in the opposite direction
On the positive side they do stock things that are vital to your very existence having visited there

Tetanus jabs
If I never see the place again, well my wife would have left me

Bayside Rose said...

Such gorgeous gardens to see on a cold winter's morning in Brisbane! Thanks so much for the tour Sal. x

KC'sCourt! said...

Wow! Like you I hate the place but never knew that was there......! Must go and investigate
Julie xxxxxxxx

Andi's English Attic said...

I've heard of this place but I've never been. What a lovely surprise to find all those gardens. I really liked the environmental garden. Unfortunately if I tried anything like using old bed frames etc as border edging I'd end up looking like white trash. I just don't have the knack. xx

Linda Gilbert said...

Sally are you sure you are not playing a joke-- I almost can NOT believe that was Trago-- We must go and investigate soon!

Lace hearts said...

I have to say I love Trago for bargains though it's not what it used to be - we even got our kitchen there as it was £10,000 cheaper than the shop up the road (I'm not joking!), but I hate the layout so much. Prefer the Cornish one's layout. But I've been meaning to try and drop in at some point as wasn't it extensively rebuilt after the fire? The garden layouts look terrific. I love the way they kind of suggest they are a leisure/tourist centre from the signage on the road past! Thanks for the tour - it's good to see they've done something that's pretty.

galant said...

We hate Trago, too, but will now make an effort to visit just to see these lovely little show gardens, Sal! When we paint the house we always buy Sandtex masonry paint there as it's cheaper than in the usual DIY outlets, but we feel we must buy a lot of stuff when we go to warrant the use of the petrol getting there - no point in going 14 or 15 miles to Trago for a screwdriver or a rake or hoe! Elder son went the other day and bought a driver (i.e. a golf club) and was delighted as it was cheaper than those (of the same make) in the pro's shop at the golf club. In fact, he bought two clubs to make the journey worthwhile, if that makes sense!
PS I, too, thought you were playing a joke as that garden is soooo unlike the Trago I know and dislike! I thought you were suddenly going to show us that it is really a miniature garden, like Torquay's Model Village!
Margaret P

a mermaids purse said...

is there to trago's? i think ive been to two, not sure was a few years back. but i know exactly what you mean, someone told me they're great shopping places, but i thought it seemed like an over priced warehouse of odd things mixed together and not value for money at all.
But woweeeee look at those garden displays so beautiful- really must go just for that, thanks for sharing- beautiful images x

Louise said...

I'd pay to look around those gardens! Great photos and mosaics Sal. x

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Sal I have always driven past with my nose in the air, but maybe if we have time next time, who knows?
Lovley pics, what is it today, every blog I read has a houseboat in it, I think that it is my destiny to live on one!!
T x

summerfete said...

Who needs Chelsea Sal, when there's Trago!

Anonymous said...

Amazing...atlast Trago employs somebody with an imagination! Might just brave a visit sometime?
Thank you for the little tour!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Josie-Mary said...

My goodness..... Trago has changed! I must get pops to take me down, hate shopping there but the gardens are beautiful :)