Sunday, 17 April 2011

Actors and players in Torquay!

Did you ever hear the tale of the Johnstone twins,

As like each other as two new pins;

Of one womb born, on the self same day,

How one was kept, one given away?

Yesterday evening , we heard that tale and watched the story unfold

on the stage of the Princess Theatre, Torquay.

I've wanted to see this musical for a very long time!

However, during the past few weeks , I've been studying the play

with a GCSE pupil and when I saw that the touring production

was coming to Torquay, that was it!! It had to be done!

Of course, Blood Brothers was not written to be read, picked to pieces and annotated !

Furthermore, Willie Russell always intended it to be a full blown musical

to be watched on the stage... and enjoyed!

And this play has such a very strong story running throughout.

Russell shows the influence that society

has on individuals and how much a person's life is influenced

by their inherited genetics and how much it is influenced

by their environment in which they grow up.

So the 'nature v nuture' debate is very much on the menu!

Along with the theme of social class and inequality,

we have the themes of friendship, money, surrogacy,

superstition, love and guilt.

And then, at the end, there's the question of who's to blame ?

All in all, this play gives so much to discuss and debate and

I thoroughly enjoyed of the best I've seen...

and yes, I did find the tears rolling down my cheeks at the end!


I do, however, think it quite sad that one of the local schools,

where this book is being studied for GCSE,

said that they couldn't afford to take their students to see this.

Furthermore, the theatre was at least a quarter empty and so surely

they could do more to liaise with such schools

and offer concessionary seats?

Just a thought!

Moving on to another sort of theatre!

The football ground.

We'd spent the afternoon at Plainmoor, Torquay,

watching one of the most boring football matches ever!

The sun was shining and the stage was set for a thrilling,

afternoon of entertainment but the players did not produce

anything startling or magical and, goodness gracious me,

I came away thinking what was all that about?!

With football, you pay your money and you takes your

chance ; there's no guarantee that what's served up

will be tasty and tantalising! And it wasn't!

So come on Gulls, with the play offs in sight and promotion

a possibility , please do better next time!!


And finally, it's always nice to bump into

a friend when you are least expecting it! As we were about to have lunch

in St Marychurch before the match, who should walk into the cafe

but good friend Margaret and hubby Chris.

Margaret is my writer pal... and like me, she goes everywhere with

her camera!

I received this cheery 'St Marychurch montage' from her,

as I was watching the football!

Thank you !! It cheered up the afternoon!!


Andi's English Attic said...

Oh, Blood Brothers. If ever there was a musical to seriously wreck the heartstrings. I saw this thirteen years ago when I was first pregnant with my daughter. We were going for a scan the following week to find out if she was twins, so I felt the emotion of the storyline very keenly.

A true crime that the pupils studying it can't go to see the stage production. This is almost a crime in my eyes. xx

Alix said...

I love Blood Brothers too - have seen it twice and would happily see it again. It gave me goosebumps just reading you'd been to see it (or maybe it's the icecream I've just eaten!) 'Tell me it's not true' is an all-time favourite . What a shame and a waste about the school...

dosierosie said...

Love the pictures of St Mary church. I used to work in the bakers shop there, looks very different now.

galant said...

How lovely it was to see you and Mr Snippets yesterday, Sal, but so sorry your team were so dismal! But glad Blood Brothers made up for it.
Glad, also you like my collage of St Marychurch!
Gill, I lived in the newsagent's shop you can see on the right of the larger of the photos on the collage - my parents owned this shop. There was a bakers almost opposite - Motta's - and another one at the top of the village, Callards, and another down what is now the Precinct, but I've forgotten it's name! In 'my' day there wasn't a pedestrian precinct but two-way traffic and double-decker buses would often become wedged together, jammed against themselves and often had to mount the pavement to get un-hitched. I was able to hang out of the bedroom window and even touch the buses, they were that close to the buildings!
Margaret P

Carol said...

We went to see Blood Brothers performed by pupils of a local school several years ago, they were so good, it was a great night.
Carol xx

landcuckoo said...

Shame about the footie but glad you enjoyed the theatre. I agree with you about getting the children into the theatre to see something come alive rather than only reading in a classroom, not everyone of us can retain information from just reading but seeing the story unfold visually can make such a difference.
Take care
sarah x