Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Yes, I'm...really floundering!

And this is the reason...

The GCSE English spec has changed and that means....hard work!

New poems to get to grips with, for a start!

And so for the past few days, I've been spending a lot of time at my place of work.

I don't really mind as it's a lovely environment in which to be.

However, I am anything but this right now...

Yet, sometimes, a simple break can help matters and so yesterday,

I made my way to another part of the house for a bit of an escape!

Do you keep a notepad and pen by your side at all times?

Are you anything like me, with an overactive imagination?

With the help of some fave fabric scraps and some CK cards,

I decided to make myself a simple booklet to keep

right by my side at all times so that I could jot down

any ideas which spring to mind. thing leads to another, doesn't it?

I made another one, to keep by my bedside...

One to keep in the kitchen...

One for my bag...

One for by the bath (!)

And a few extra to sell!

Cheap 'n cheerful!

Finally, the winner of my last giveaway:

Lemonade Kitty

Please send me your address!

And now..I have to fly...

I now have a date with 'Sister Maude' and some 'Nettles' !

Which sounds pretty painful and believe me, it is!



Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

I love your classroom. I wish you lived nearer and my boys could go they would love it. Hey by the way my youngest now has a real passion for books, thanks for your positive words all those months ago Sal.
Nettles? ? ?

Alix said...

Your tuition room looks fab and so inspiring - surely no-one could leave there without a passion for reading! The notebooks are lovely - clever idea!

Pooh's Abode said...

I have had to get my head around all the new units/poems etc for the new spec so if you need any help or resources, just ask

Linda Gilbert said...

Lovely to see you making again Sally

Menopausal musing said...

So cosy and colourful. What a lovely place to learn in.

galant said...

Delightful classroom, pretty materials and superb crafting. But what on earth are Sister Maude and Nettles? Well, I know what nettles are but not Nettles, capital N. Not John Nettles, I trust, har, har!
Margaret P

Twiggy said...

Wish I could come and play in your classroom Sal.
twiggy x