Friday, 15 October 2010

It's been a funny old week!

For me, a week of sickness, a sore throat, a cough, a cold

and a general feeling of yuck!

And then, lo and behold, along comes an email from a pal...with the attached picture.

I think it was this lovely collage which cheered me the most!

Do share it with me!

Have a lovely weekend everyone...and a thank you again, to Margaret! ;-)


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tea Tiffin and Tat!! ;-)

There were six of us this morning for TTT!

And there's nothing better than to sit drinking tea and coffee with good friends, is there?

Thrown into the mix was a little bit of, 'show and tell'!

I recently discovered a blog called The Innkeepers Wife:

When I found out that the owner of the blog, Sarah, lived just two fields away,

I simply had to email!

We met up on Saturday at Nostalgic Mix and obviously I issued an immediate invitation to


Sarah came along with plenty to show and tell,

including the book, 'The Handmade Marketplace'

and this beautiful embroidery:

And , being an artist, Sarah showed us some stunning art work.

Amanda showed us this scrapbook which she had found at Tavistock market...

And in it...a variety of food labels:

A fine time was had by all as the morning flew by!

The next TTT is Nov 10th..10.30...same place!

Do come along if you happen to be 'in the area!'


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Nostalgic Mix...'Don't I look a twit?'..and a giveaway!! ;-)

And next we have Amanda, modelling the very latest in rainwear!

(This is where sales of this very trendy piece of women's head gear, rocket!


And this is the sort of thing which happened at

a little 'get together' in Totnes , yesterday.

You could call it a debrief/feedback/ or 'A bit of a do'...

having packed up our wares we ambled along to The Tangerine Tree,

for a buffet, drinks and a jolly good natter

....not to mention a few laughs!

Amanda , of course was raising her glass to Lesley, the wonderful organiser of


In fact we all were!

It was an absolutely fabulous day!

This fair was rather handy for us as normally

we have to travel further afield and find a b&b for the night.

Well not this time!!

However, I very nearly didn't get there, having succumbed

to what I think was some sort of food poisoning, on Friday.

Whilst rolling around in agony, I was also gutted.

How could I ever miss this? So...

Mr S dashed to the Drs to pick up a prescription.

I lay down and said my prayers and took all of my pills!

Lo and behold...a miraculous recovery meant

that I could join in with all the fun!

'Nostalgic Mix' was just the right name too...oh my what a mix it was!

Here are just a few snippets...

It was wonderful to see so many people coming through the doors ,

to put faces to blog names and generally meet the loveliest people.

This was just what Totnes needed !

***** are a star *****

Events like this don't just happen and Lesley's organisation was first class.

(She had thought of everything!)

And the header pic...

Well it shouts out 'caption competition', doesn't it?

So...what is Amanda really saying?

Humorous comments please...there's a prize for the winner...

(probably something which I did not manage to no..I didn't mean that!! Honest)

A vintage fabric prize!

Meanwhile...remember that you saw/read it here first...

Plastic fantastic headgear is sooo 'in' this season and really

completes that vintage outfit!

And if you believe that then you really are a bigger twit than our model!

Thanks again Lesley.

In all seriousness, the day was very special and I'm glad that

I was able to be part of it.