Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bizarre goings ons and some winners! ;-)

It's all going on in Ashburton today!

But we weren't there for the Ale Tasting!

(That particular avenue of pleasure was 'out of bounds'...LOL!)

This was our reason for going...

It's a new event which I didn't know about until Amanda mentioned that she would be there!

We arrived early but it was already in full swing and very busy indeed!

Whilst I was there I enquired about having a table at the next 'Bizarre Bazaar'...but that's on the weekend of The Homespun Fair at I'll hopefully sign up for the one after that!
It was a really good event with a good feel to it.

A trip to Ashburton would not be complete if I didn't set foot in the 'usual haunts'...however,I forgot my camera and the photos taken on my iphone are not'm going back next week!

There's a new sewing shop in Ashburton . It opened today and sells fabrics galore and so much more.

A bustling little town which just gets better and better!

Finally, my last two giveaways.

Winners out of the hat, this morning, are:

Please email me your addressess!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A very pleasant Sunday! ;-)

Talk about deja vu!

We really did not intend to return to Cockington quite this quickly!
But when we were trying to think of an anniversary gift for my mum and dad, Mr S suddenly said, 'Let's take them out on a jolly!'

Here's the beautiful horse, Bracken, with his owner,Rick...our guide and driver.

We'd already taken a very gentle stroll from the village to Cockington Court and back again
and we found Bracken, complete with empty cart, in the centre of the village .
And so without further ado we all jumped into the cart and clip clop off we went!

Half way around the route , Bracken decided to stop (!)
No need for me to tell you why!
However, whilst Rick got down and cleaned up the road (!) Bracken
decided to clip clop off without him!
So there we are in this cart......panicking !!!!

Anyway...we survived !

Here are a few photos taken on my phone whilst on our stroll.
If you want to take the horse and cart with us then click on the video at the end!
Not great camera work as it's the first time I've used the video facility!

It's well worth a visit to Cockington, if you are in the area..and I discovered a very nice hotel in the village ...

I've half a mind to nip off for a you think they would notice?!


Monday, 12 July 2010

A field most foul , full of yellow!!! AND A GREAT GIVEAWAY!

Well, that's it for another 4 years!

Well done to South Africa for putting on a grand show!

And at least these three Englishmen can hold their heads up high and say that they took part in

the final match!

Yet, a match to be remembered for the wrong reasons!

I would not have liked to have been in the ref's or linesmen's boots last night.

I love my footy but I thought that what should have been a celebration of football was in fact

a damn disgrace. I truly did!

It was football showing its nasty side.

It was grubby, not great.

It was a field most foul !

It was everything that I hate about football and I'm beginning to wonder whether the 'beautiful

game' has been lost forever.

This was the World Cup Final between the two best sides in the tournament.

The two best sides? Well that's debatable!

Had they played the football which we know they can play

then we would have been entertained and blinded by brilliance.

As it was, the spectacle deteriorated into thuggery and bad temper.

Holland were the biggest culprits and seemed intent on adopting tactics which would stop

Spain from playing good football.

Why? Goodness knows!

I think Holland should be ashamed of themselves. They lost a lot of friends last night!

I'd backed them to win after England's dismal displays but as the match progressed

I sure didn't like what I was watching!

Oh yes , our three Englishmen will no doubt be criticised by many (you know, all those

'referees' out there who think they know best!) but in particular

the press, who love to criticise and never the papers will have a field day, I bet!

It was a colourful night all right...but mostly a night of yellow with a spattering of red !

So to celebrate the end of the World Cup (because I am certain that many of you will

be celebrating!) , here we go....caption competition!

To win one of my little vintage fabric patchwork packs, no less!

And even if you are not a footy lover, you can enter!

What exactly are Howard Webb , Darren Cann and Mike Mullarkey (he's on the

right and btw, he's from Exeter!) saying to

each other...or thinking?

The funnier the better!

Good luck and ...I'll announce this winner and also the winner of my Vuvuzela post
at the end of the week!

Roll on 2014!!