Monday, 12 July 2010

A field most foul , full of yellow!!! AND A GREAT GIVEAWAY!

Well, that's it for another 4 years!

Well done to South Africa for putting on a grand show!

And at least these three Englishmen can hold their heads up high and say that they took part in

the final match!

Yet, a match to be remembered for the wrong reasons!

I would not have liked to have been in the ref's or linesmen's boots last night.

I love my footy but I thought that what should have been a celebration of football was in fact

a damn disgrace. I truly did!

It was football showing its nasty side.

It was grubby, not great.

It was a field most foul !

It was everything that I hate about football and I'm beginning to wonder whether the 'beautiful

game' has been lost forever.

This was the World Cup Final between the two best sides in the tournament.

The two best sides? Well that's debatable!

Had they played the football which we know they can play

then we would have been entertained and blinded by brilliance.

As it was, the spectacle deteriorated into thuggery and bad temper.

Holland were the biggest culprits and seemed intent on adopting tactics which would stop

Spain from playing good football.

Why? Goodness knows!

I think Holland should be ashamed of themselves. They lost a lot of friends last night!

I'd backed them to win after England's dismal displays but as the match progressed

I sure didn't like what I was watching!

Oh yes , our three Englishmen will no doubt be criticised by many (you know, all those

'referees' out there who think they know best!) but in particular

the press, who love to criticise and never the papers will have a field day, I bet!

It was a colourful night all right...but mostly a night of yellow with a spattering of red !

So to celebrate the end of the World Cup (because I am certain that many of you will

be celebrating!) , here we go....caption competition!

To win one of my little vintage fabric patchwork packs, no less!

And even if you are not a footy lover, you can enter!

What exactly are Howard Webb , Darren Cann and Mike Mullarkey (he's on the

right and btw, he's from Exeter!) saying to

each other...or thinking?

The funnier the better!

Good luck and ...I'll announce this winner and also the winner of my Vuvuzela post
at the end of the week!

Roll on 2014!!



KC'sCourt! said...

I think he was saying.........
Now come on boys I want you to play nicely and keep your eyes on the ball!
Julie xxxxx

Lyn said...

"Did you bring the orange tops?"
"good we might need them to get out of here!"

anne bebbington said...

I think he's saying: "I do wish I'd picked up that extra pack of cards in the dressing room - at this rate one of you two might have to nip in and fetch it for me."

The football was so boring last night I snook off to bed for an early night. Surely the time has come for the introduction of rugby style 10 minute sin binning

VintageVicki said...

"They thinks its all over.........

it is now"

Hurrah - thank goodness its over - think the battle for places 3 & 4 was far better.

bellaboo said...

Here,here.What a shambles!Thank God it's all over!Now maybe we can have some decent telly back!

Bellaboo :0)

Jane and Chris said...

"Ere, are you sure clogs are part of the kit?"

The Little Vintage Company said...

The football was terrible last night, can't believe the temper of some of the Holland players!!

I think Howard Webb is saying to the other two...

"Glad it's all over lads, now we can fly home and have a proper pint, first round's on me!"

Tamzin X

Carol said...

"Blue is soooooooo not my colour"

I couldn't agree more with your comments Sal. It was a total disgrace. In fact I thought the whole tournament was a major disappointment. Where were the "stars"? You can see more talent and commitment in the local park on a Sunday morning than we saw at the so-called "World Cup". I wouldn't pay them in washers.

Jane W said...

I think Mike Mullarkey is saying: "Ahh clocking off time at last. What's your Mrs cooking for you for tea?"

Jane W

Toby Tea Cozy said...

I think they are saying "psychic Paul strikes again?" "we can't count that, one of his eight legs was offside!"

That octopus made the world cup for me!

The Weaver of Grass said...

They are wearing their medals so this shot must have been taken after the game - not sure they are saying anything I think they are just relieved that it is all over and that they have done England proud - it was wonderful to see that referee keep his cool throughout the shameful display from Holland - so maybe he is just saying 'I made it /I kept my cool/ Thank God that;s over!'
I think one really shameful thing you didn'[t mention was the way the Dutch coach took his medal off as soon as he came down the steps.

Anonymous said...

I think the one with hair is saying .... 'I know I was supposed to shave my head so we would look hard ..... but my wife took my razor to shave her legs.'

dosierosie said...

the one on the right is saying" on the count of 3 we make a run for it"

Country Cottage Chic said...

Mike: "Could you recommend your barber? Love what he's done with your hair!"

galant said...

Mike is saying: "I'm glad Spain didn't bring on their 3rd sub ... did you see its 'orns?"

Margaret P

Debbie said...

... I don`t think we will ever be allowed to visit Holland!
The other one is thinking:
... Forget Holland!
I`m more worried to be going back home to my MRS!


Ally Johnston said...

How many yellow cards have you got left. I'm all out.