Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bizarre goings ons and some winners! ;-)

It's all going on in Ashburton today!

But we weren't there for the Ale Tasting!

(That particular avenue of pleasure was 'out of bounds'...LOL!)

This was our reason for going...

It's a new event which I didn't know about until Amanda mentioned that she would be there!

We arrived early but it was already in full swing and very busy indeed!

Whilst I was there I enquired about having a table at the next 'Bizarre Bazaar'...but that's on the weekend of The Homespun Fair at I'll hopefully sign up for the one after that!
It was a really good event with a good feel to it.

A trip to Ashburton would not be complete if I didn't set foot in the 'usual haunts'...however,I forgot my camera and the photos taken on my iphone are not'm going back next week!

There's a new sewing shop in Ashburton . It opened today and sells fabrics galore and so much more.

A bustling little town which just gets better and better!

Finally, my last two giveaways.

Winners out of the hat, this morning, are:

Please email me your addressess!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend



frayedattheedge said...

Spooky .... I was about to write this comment when yours arrived!! Every time I see your photos, I want to pack a bag and come down for a visit (although Malcolm might object to that!)

galant said...

Lovely pix of Ash ... But you didn't show the Dartmoor Bookshop - that's where I head to when in Ashburton! Or Cafe Green Ginger for coffee & cake ...
Next time, forget the fabrics, forget the knick-knacks and vintage doo-dahs, and look for books and cakes, har, har! (Only joking, Sal!)
Margaret P

Lyn said...

Looks like a good fair. I am always too scared to ask if I can take photos of stalls or n shops in case they think I'm casing the joint or I am mad!
Glad someone does though or blog land would be dull!

baysiderose said...

Loved the tour of the bizarre bazaar something that I would love. Ashburton is just as gorgeous as I remember it. Thanks for the reminder of such a fab place Sal.

Menopausal musing said...

What a great trip out. Can I ask..... what are the cute little boy and girl with the sweetcorn for (7th photo down)? I clicked on them because I liked the look of them, but can't make my mind up just what they are. I see a little hook under each one.........

KC'sCourt! said...

Looks like another trip to Ashburton!
Julie xxxxx

Cowboys and Custard said...

I spy with my little eye.. a couple of things I would love to have taken home..
All the more reason to head west again and pay a visit to wonderful Ashburton.

Michele x

Florence and Mary said...

You're always having such fun days out!

Victoria xx