Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Buy my crafts at the gate!! ;-)

I do believe that, when you get quite old, you can request a car to transport you to your polling station.
We always laugh about this...because here is my house to the left of my car and to the my polling station!
Does anyone live nearer to a polling station than me?
If so, I challenge you to measure your steps... and let me know!
So I toddle through my gate... here

This is my village hall...well it's not mine exactly..but you know what I mean!

I wish it was mine though! ;-)

It used to be Teigngrace village school, many moons ago!
We've been told that our house was built in the school playground.

Anyway, one thing's for certain sure...

If I get a tad weary on my journey, to vote, tomorrow, there's a seat for me to rest awhile.

I could sit and heckle!!

Or better still.. set up my craft stall at my gate!!

Hey, I've only just thought of that!! Hmmm...!! LOL!

Dare me?

Or should I put up a very subtle and discreet sign?

My craft room is here below, to the left of my car spare tyre! (Good job I added 'car' in that sentence!! LOL) floor is busy!
With the V&H Textile Fair in mind, I've been cutting strips of vintage fabrics and I've teamed them up with all sorts of coloured fibres.

I could do some very nice 'election themed' corsages if anyone in Teigngrace is reading this!!
I haven't got much in the way of red (quite unusual for me!)...but then there won't be much demand for that around here,will there?!!
(Had to get that one in! No offence! )
I sold all of my vintage patchwork packs at the V&H on Saturday and so I've been a busy bee, in between planning my lessons (!) , making more!
Feedsacks above.
60s Flower power
50s and 60s mixed

And..more to come!
I'll be back soon with a few snaps of our visit to a lovely little village, last the winner of my last giveaway will be announced !
Hope you're having fun!
I am! ;-)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dorset delights... and oozes rural charm !!

Without a doubt, one of the most photographed places in England!
We stopped off here, on Friday, instead of taking our usual route to Chipping Sodbury.
And in this little shop at the top of Gold Hill...
we bought this print...
Shaftesbury ...a lovely town in which to sit and watch the world go by!
Here's the clip of the 1973 Hovis advert:
But of course, there's also the famous Ronnie Barker sketch, where he takes an eternity to push his bike up the hill.
Huffing , puffing, panting and sweating, he utters words similar to these :
''Father always did say it was a bl**** long way for a loaf of bread!!''
Needless to say, I did not walk down the hill so therefore had no need to walk up it!
More of our travels tomorrow!
Have a great day! ;-)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Just a normal Saturday!! ;-)

Another fine day was had by all, at the Vintage and Handmade Fair, yesterday!
And you can guess whose camera batteries ran out as I had snapped so much the day before , on our journey up to Gloucestershire!!
More about that soon!

Neverthless , here are a few snippets!

It was wonderful to meet so many bloggers who had made the journey as 'customers'.
Clare (of Summer Fete blog fame) with her lovely hubby.
Lisa (Lissy Lou blog) and her lovely other half.
Julia (Midsummer Stitches blog) and her lovely mum and daughter!
Victoria and Kelly...all the way from Essex...I think we all know these two wonderful, bloggy, Essex gals!
Joe (Josie Mary blog ) and her friends from Exeter.
And many more!
A huge huge thanks to Jayne, Michele and the 'tea ladies and gents' for their massive efforts!
Events like this don't just happen!
So thank you so much!
Huh, the week is going to be a little mundane now that that's over and done with!
Or is it?!!!!