Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Buy my crafts at the gate!! ;-)

I do believe that, when you get quite old, you can request a car to transport you to your polling station.
We always laugh about this...because here is my house to the left of my car and to the my polling station!
Does anyone live nearer to a polling station than me?
If so, I challenge you to measure your steps... and let me know!
So I toddle through my gate... here

This is my village hall...well it's not mine exactly..but you know what I mean!

I wish it was mine though! ;-)

It used to be Teigngrace village school, many moons ago!
We've been told that our house was built in the school playground.

Anyway, one thing's for certain sure...

If I get a tad weary on my journey, to vote, tomorrow, there's a seat for me to rest awhile.

I could sit and heckle!!

Or better still.. set up my craft stall at my gate!!

Hey, I've only just thought of that!! Hmmm...!! LOL!

Dare me?

Or should I put up a very subtle and discreet sign?

My craft room is here below, to the left of my car spare tyre! (Good job I added 'car' in that sentence!! LOL) floor is busy!
With the V&H Textile Fair in mind, I've been cutting strips of vintage fabrics and I've teamed them up with all sorts of coloured fibres.

I could do some very nice 'election themed' corsages if anyone in Teigngrace is reading this!!
I haven't got much in the way of red (quite unusual for me!)...but then there won't be much demand for that around here,will there?!!
(Had to get that one in! No offence! )
I sold all of my vintage patchwork packs at the V&H on Saturday and so I've been a busy bee, in between planning my lessons (!) , making more!
Feedsacks above.
60s Flower power
50s and 60s mixed

And..more to come!
I'll be back soon with a few snaps of our visit to a lovely little village, last the winner of my last giveaway will be announced !
Hope you're having fun!
I am! ;-)


Deborah said...

Im daring you....Get that stall set up Sal !

summerfete said...

do it!

Bobbie Lynn said...

You live in a lovely neighborhood Sal. Congrats on all your sales too. Happy sewing.

Isobel said...

You go Girl!

Vintage from the Village said...

Our polling station is Miss V's school at the end of our road but not as close as yours. She is not getting a day off this year as the polling station is in their posh new 'out building'
Mr V is being a poll clerk so I will have a lovely evening on the computer !!
Crafts at the gate is a great idea
Sue x

Lace hearts said...

You do make me laugh... go on, set up. It'll give everyone something so colourful to stop and see. And it'll be a ready market!
Love your patchwork packs. You do have a good eye for matching things.

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely material.

Great idea - go on have a go!
Julie xxxxxxx

Susie's country cottage said...

That is a very handy polling station! Mine is in the village hall too but about a ten minute walk away...even so, I think I might get in the car! What a pretty village hall you have.

VintageVicki said...

Get that stall set up :)

What a pretty polling station - ours in a 70's flat-roofed affair.

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Oh Sal! I have a postal vote, so ditance is no object:O)I loved the phrase you used, "My floor is 'busy'"! I'm in the middle of washing, ironing and packing getting ready for my forthcoming trip to the seaside. So, at Dollytub Cottage today, my kitchen floor, my dining room table,AND my bed are all looking very "busy." Look forward to catching up on everyone's blogs on my return. SueXX

Menopausal musing said...

Go on......... I DARE YOU!!

I don't think you fill find anyone nearer their polling station.

galant said...

As you live so far from your polling station, you will have to take a packed lunch with you, won't you? Only joking ... love those fabrics!
Margaret P

Rosie said...

That is close. If I hacked through the holly hedge at the top of the garden and dashed across the school field I could be at ours in a matter of minutes - but as that isn't practical a walk down our street and up the next one right to the top is required - your polling station is a very attractive building:)

THIS'N'THAT said...

Just to wish you a safe journey to the polling station tomorrow:) Maybe a packed lunch might be in order as you break your journey. If it rains you could sit in the car with a flask and sanwiches in true British tradition!
If, alternatively, you decide upon that stall, you should colour code it according to your party favourites!
Lesley X

Cowboys and Custard said...

Take a ball of string with you Sal..just in case!

Michele xx

Josie-Mary said...

Go on I dare you!!!! I love your polling station, mine is at the end of my fact I have 3 all within 5 mins walking strange! I have plenty of red this end!!! Thanks for the joke, very funny & the end was very true! :) x

sharie said...

LOL, did you have to queue Sal? If so you could have taken a chair with you, a cup of tea and some sewing while you were waiting.