Thursday, 21 January 2010

All dressed up and nowhere to go...yet! ;-)

Fancy a night out on the town with me?

Get your gladrags on then!

As you can see I've a rather trendy wardrobe , with some 'fetching little numbers' from which to choose!!

When I saw this (very simple) idea in a magazine, over a year ago, I thought ,
' Right, I can do something like that! ' ;-)

I completely forgot about it until last week, when I was looking here:

12 mini hangers met my eyes.

And so a fun card making session began yesterday, when I had to wait in for a delivery.

You can do this too... if you so wish!

(I don't mean wait in for a delivery...I mean the card idea!! LOL ;-)

I used..

12 little kitschy mini hangers
Coloured brads (or split pins)
Funky scrapbook papers..the glitzier the better!
Any cotton fabric...I used some vintage cottons which I'd bought on Etsy and I just happened to have at hand.

Cards...These have lovely wavy edges and I found them at David and Charles, which is a publisher based in Newton Abbot. They have a shop selling not only books but various arts/ craft items.

Plus...ribbons and any little embellishments that you have in stock.

I just made do with whatever I could lay my hands on!

And that's it!
Have a happy Thursday!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wise things are about!!

The generally used name for a group of Owls is a 'Parliament'.
Did you know that ?
I have , however, come across other collective nouns for these beautiful birds... for instance..
A 'Stare' of Owls
Or in today's case of owl crafting...
A 'Mess' of Owls!
A 'Mistake' of Owls!
Or how about this..
A Vintage of Owls ..pronounce it 'vintahhhge' and it sounds quite posh!

What I'd really love to know is this:
Has anyone ever actually seen a group of Owls ?
I mean... they don't hang about in groups in the area where I I just wondered!

Apart from in the craft room, that is!
'Parliaments', 'Stares' , call them what you will, this funny group of six, somehow made it on to my workdesk, earlier today.
I wanted to use up some vintage scraps but the only problem was that I had run out of larger pieces of coloured felt...only black remaining!
Hmmmm! I was not sure but, 'Sally forth', I said to myself! ;-)
(Do you talk to yourself when you are alone? Well I do...and frequently, I answer myself back...and even more frequently, I tell myself off!!)

In actual fact, they didn't look too bad on the black felt...although they did look a tad confused!
At this point so was I!!

(Now this is where the primary school teacher in me, comes out!!)

What a shame that there isn't a call for 'Craft Tuition' as there is for English Tuition!!

Ooohh imagine if there was!!
I could craft all day ...and in the evenings too ;-)

I've yet to finish this good looking bunch...lots of 'tittivating' must be done!

Oh and I forgot to say..they are actually little cases for scissors...or you could use them for combs or for whatever you fancy!
Twit twoo!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Pretty useful... or pretty useless!! LOL!

Well , what's on the craft agenda today?
I nearly died when these rather gaudy fabrics came to my house...but it's amazing what you can do with a few 'added extras'!
Liquid Pearls
Stickles glitter glue
Some small pre cut oval pieces of card
K&Co 'Wild Raspberry ' tag pad
And of course..your gaudy fabric..which you will now transform into something pretty and useful!
(Or pretty useless!! LOL! ;-)

Here it's tags!
If there's one thing I love doing, it's coordinating colours...

And now for the winners of my last little giveaway!

The two names pulled out of the Snippets hat :

Clare at Summer Fete


Little Gem

I hate disappointing so many people...I'll do another giveaway very soon!
Hope your Monday is as fun as mine! ;-)