Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wise things are about!!

The generally used name for a group of Owls is a 'Parliament'.
Did you know that ?
I have , however, come across other collective nouns for these beautiful birds... for instance..
A 'Stare' of Owls
Or in today's case of owl crafting...
A 'Mess' of Owls!
A 'Mistake' of Owls!
Or how about this..
A Vintage of Owls ..pronounce it 'vintahhhge' and it sounds quite posh!

What I'd really love to know is this:
Has anyone ever actually seen a group of Owls ?
I mean... they don't hang about in groups in the area where I live..so I just wondered!

Apart from in the craft room, that is!
'Parliaments', 'Stares' , call them what you will, this funny group of six, somehow made it on to my workdesk, earlier today.
I wanted to use up some vintage scraps but the only problem was that I had run out of larger pieces of coloured felt...only black remaining!
Hmmmm! I was not sure but, 'Sally forth', I said to myself! ;-)
(Do you talk to yourself when you are alone? Well I do...and frequently, I answer myself back...and even more frequently, I tell myself off!!)

In actual fact, they didn't look too bad on the black felt...although they did look a tad confused!
At this point so was I!!

(Now this is where the primary school teacher in me, comes out!!)

What a shame that there isn't a call for 'Craft Tuition' as there is for English Tuition!!

Ooohh imagine if there was!!
I could craft all day ...and in the evenings too ;-)

I've yet to finish this good looking bunch...lots of 'tittivating' must be done!

Oh and I forgot to say..they are actually little cases for scissors...or you could use them for combs or for whatever you fancy!
Twit twoo!


smiffy66 said...

My, they are very cute indeed! Sue x

frayedattheedge said...

Oh - smiffy66 has already said what I was going to say!! Did you know that a group of ravens is called an 'unkindness'? (I only know because I read it in a book!!)

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh! Those owls are wonderful!
Julie xxxxxx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Sal

You are on great creative form, all these wonderful things you have been making! I love the owls.

Warm wishes
Isabelle x

twiggypeasticks said...

Aww lovely Sal. You are sooooo industrious.
twiggy x

Linda Gilbert said...

Sal- A little longer and they would make wonderful spectacle cases. Do you remember Miss Blinkhorn-- They made me think of her !!

Midsummer Stitches said...

You have been busy ! They are really cute....Owls are so popular arent they.

CraftyHelen said...

The owls are so clever, and I love your fancy pencil pots - very pretty!xx

Rosie said...

Lovely owls - they all have such different expressions. I've only ever seen one owl at a time and not very often at that:)

ginny said...

twit twoo to you tooo! i love these they are such fun!
hope you are well Sal...
love to you and mr snippets

MarmaladeRose said...

Love all the colours. Fab.

Alli said...

Cute! I love their confused expressions, hehe.

(and no, I've certainly never seen a group of owls!)

Mary Poppins said...

What beautiful owls, a creature I am often refered to as looking a little like, think it may be my big eyes and big nose ;0)

I cried when it wasn't my name pulled out of the hat....honest I did, into my pillow, was so sad, so very sad, the longing for your fabric was too much for me to bear ;) :)

Very worthy winners two lovely blogging friends and well deserved :)



our shabby cottage said...

They look great Sal! What a great way to use up some scraps.

Andi's English Attic said...

A 'parliament of owls'. I love it! I also love the look of your work desk. The owls are cute.
When my daughter was in the infant school the parents were asked if they did any crafting, and if so, would they be willing to spend an afternoon showing the children how to do it. Can you imagine the delight of the kids if they could make one of your owls? xx

Guenievre said...

Hello ! ils sont mignons tous ces hiboux (owls)
Yes ... I sometimes speak to myself ... and sometimes shout, lol. Often when I don't find what I need.
Bonne journée de bricolage.

Menopausal musing said...

Cute! Loving the info re collective names for different birds....

Isobel said...

Your owls are very cute, Sal!
Well done!

Julie said...

they are lovely, it makes a really nice change to see the fabrics contrasted against black, rather than white/pale colours - makes the patterns and colours seem more vivid somehow. Like the idea of using them as a glasses case - would definitely be a good present idea there.

Bobbie Lynn said...

adorable owl cases and owls are very popular these days. I really love your tags too. I like making tags myself. A great way to use up all your scraps.
Wishing you a wonderful day.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Good point about owls, Sal - I have never seen more than one at once. I quite like them on black felt.

Serenata said...

They look great Sal and really cute.

smiffy66 said...

Sal, I love the cards with the little dresses on, they are fab! Sue x

Florence and Mary said...

How very informative you are today!!!

Victoria xx

Karen said...

These are gorgeous - I love owls anyway, but these are just sooooo cute :)