Sunday, 12 December 2010

A fine day in Salisbury !

Yesterday , we hopped on to a train and headed to Wiltshire.

Salisbury, to be exact!

And what a lovely city it is!

Having what I think is the most beautiful cathedral in the country,

Salisbury has so much to offer in terms of character and history.

In fact, Salisbury Cathedral was out first stop as we took a badly needed

late elevenses in the cathedral refectory, before setting off to explore.

We also returned to the cathedral later in the day .

As I stood outside, I could hear the choir.

It was simply beautiful; the perfect sound.

Salisbury Cathedral houses a copy of the famous Magna Carta.

(which was all double dutch to me!!)

No photos allowed in this part of Salisbury Cathedral.

( But a very discreet iphone does help at times!)

In simple terms :

In addition to The Magna Carta, what really caught my eye

was this beautiful selection of cushions.

Sadly no 'Sally of Teigngrace'!

Although... I spotted a Nicholas!

Walking into the city we passed a few interesting


And very nice shop..Chas Baker.

This was my 'window of the day'!

The city was heaving... but seems to cater well for one's appetite!

Mr S waited patiently as I perused the information centre.

Lo and behold, whilst browsing, I was pleased to encounter Nicky's

(The Vintage Magpie) bunnies !

Nice to see Devon making its presence felt in Wiltshire!

Our time in Salisbury was over all too quickly!

Back on the train, we were very tired... but very happy!



Linda Gilbert said...

Sally I have never been to Salisbury so a real treat for me a NB to visit x
Hope all well

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Sal, we drove past Salisbury Cathedral at night not so long ago enroute to Pamphill, Vintage at the Village Hall, I said to Michael that we must go there for a day out, as usual your pics have confirmed this.
The cloisters are stunning, could you not go in and listen to the choir/choristers, it is something else in a space like a cathedral, the acoustics are great especially towards the middle/back. When Tom was a chorister at Tewkesbury Abbey I could listen for hours.

galant said...

I love Salisbury, too, and we have a friend who lives there in a flat overlooking the river which runs right though the city.
However, whilst the cathedral is undoubtedly magnificent, I prefer the Decorated Gothic style of Exeter (the interior, the exterior lets Exeter down just a tad - the exterior of Wells is more attractive.) But for "spectacular cathedral" I think Ely is my winner (although I've not seen Peterborough or Lincoln of Gloucester or Durham or several others) ... I just love that lantern, and how you can see Ely Cathedral from a far, like a giant ship ran aground on Eel Island!
Margaret P

Cheap2Chic said...

Yesterday I was in Salisbury, but I hopped on the train and went to Bath!

KC'sCourt! said...

I've never been there......must go!
Lovely cushions I see there is a Michael - were they named after saints? Or were they for sale?
Julie xxxxxx

Goosey said...

We go to Salisbury every year to do our Christmas shopping, there are a few interesting independant shops we like to visit, although every year there are less of them and more chains of shops sadly.
We had a good day there last Thursday. Some friends of ours went up last Saturday and saw a well dressed lady feeding and stroking the pigeons in the town square, and while they watched she suddenly grabbed one, put it under her coat and walked off! Wonder what she was going to do with it!

landcuckoo said...

It is lovely there isn't it, a long time since I have been for a visit though.
Take care
Sarah x

Sal said...

Sadly, the cushions were not for sale, Julie!
They seemed to be named after important people. There were loads more!
Aren't they gorgeous!! ;-)