Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The nicest place under the sun!

It was back in 1995, when I was sitting on my bed, browsing the 'Farmhouse accommodation' in various books and magazines, when I came across a delightful advert.

We knew that we wanted a peaceful break somewhere in England and suddenly Shropshire
was showing itself off, right in front of my nose.

Shropshire, that lovely county which I think can be , so often, overlooked.
It's a beautiful county with so much to offer and this fabulous farmhouse certainly
seemed to suit our needs.

Thus began a lasting friendship with a little place called Clun and a couple called Mary and Hugh.

Stay on a farm and you know you will get the best breakfast!
Cos the wife of a farmer can cook!
None of your fancy stuff...good old fashioned, honest food!
Good old fashioned English breakfasts!!
And Mary cooks the best breakfast.

We knew that we'd found a real gem in Llanhedric Farm and an even bigger gem in
Mary Jones!

That was 1995.

We returned in 1999 and found that little had changed.
Still the same, wonderful service; the same smiling Mary and the quietly spoken Hugh.

In 2008, we decided that we would revisit and we felt like long lost relatives as we were greeted and treated to a lovely stay and were even invited on the
Clun coach trip to Chester!!!

And so fast forward to 2010....
I think that Mary was surprised to see us back so soon!

The truth is that we love the place!
And so would you!

If you fancy a stay on a farm and you also fancy Shropshire...don't even bother to look any further as this is the place to stay!
Believe me!

The tears were in my eyes as we left to come home on Sunday.

Mr S put his arm around me but then I thought, 'How silly you are Sal, you'll be back!!'

Clun is the most delightful little place!

Wander around and you will see that everyone takes a pride in their property.

And the Sun is always shining, even when the day comes to an end.

And so Llanhedric Farm, just outside Clun, was to be our home, our base for a few nights as we

plotted and planned our gallivanting around the Shropshire countryside.

And what a time we had!

Back soon with more to share with you...

Ludlow here we come!!



KC'sCourt! said...

The farm looks lovely. Perhaps one day we will try it.......
Julie xxxxxxx

Josie-Mary said...

Looks really lovely, how nice to keep going back :)

carol at home said...

I love Shropshire and this looks like a really lovely place to stay. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your trip.

galant said...

When we stayed in that area we popped across the border into Wales to Powis Castle - what a magnificent place that is! And Shrewsbury is lovely too (well, it would've been better had it not rained all day on the day of our visit!)
The farmhouse looks wonderful!
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

That looks really lovely Sal...it's great when you discover gems like this! Looking forward to the Ludlow instalment!
Amanda (SC) xx

Gina said...

I think you've sold this to me... it looks wonderful.

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Wow, such a pretty place, I'm adding it to my list of places to visit should one of us ever learn to drive!

Anonymous said...

I checked with Malcolm and yes, I have been in Hay on Wye ..... and O know that I have been in Ludlow. I would love to go back, as it was a wonderful holiday (apart from the fact it rained every day!!)

All things nice... said...

Oh how lovely I love the farm, I'll be moving to a farm next year when my new home is built :) My boyfriend has over 100 cows so I'm really looking forward to moving there :)

All things nice...