Thursday, 19 August 2010

Going Zani in Ludlow!

Sir John Betjeman believed Ludlow to be the most attractive town in England, and Alec Clifton Taylor reckoned Broad Street to be one of the finest streets in the land.

And who would argue with them?

What I do know is that when in Ludlow, start your visit with a relaxing cup of coffee in
de Greys! It sets you up very well for what's to follow!

There is a beauty in this lovely town and we always visit it and find something different, when we are in Shropshire.

Mix the market, the castle, the buildings and the history of the town and you really do get the ideal English town in which to wander around to your heart's content.

We took the train to Ludlow from Craven Arms... as we like to hop on a train, if we can!

And if I was to be absolutely honest, we were really visiting for this :

The last time we visited Zani Lady it was in different premises in Corve Street
But Zani's has moved and is now situated right near the castle.

Here's your info:

And in we go!

There's plenty to catch your eye in this lovely building.

And plenty that you might well want to take away!

There's a room with a distinctive 50s feel to it...

There is plenty of wacky clothing upon which to feast your eyes.

And I've left the best til last.... as the lovely Viv , of Hen's Teeth blog, has a unit here with all

her beautiful goods on display.

And it was Viv who met us, made us welcome and gave us such a lovely guided tour!

It was a real treat of a day !

I just hoped we had not worn ourselves out for what was in store the next day...!

Tune in soon for the next instalment and put on your comfy walking footwear as we are

tramping around as we go back in time!



KC'sCourt! said...

Well........I'm just going to have to go there again! Last time we went was in the early nineties when we had a lovely fortnight in Welshpool.
Julie xxxx

The Little Vintage Company said...

So many gorgeous treasures! I really love the deco style mirrors.. all hanging together look brilliant!
Tamzin X

galant said...

All that on which to feast our eyes, and a further instalment to come! You are spoiling your followers, Sal,with such goodies! I have only visited Ludlow once and loved it! We had lunch in a cafe/restaurant at the top of Broad Street; it was a fairly narrow shop, but it went back forever. And what a lovely vintage shop - even I, a non-vintage collector, would have been sure to have found something appealing there!
I can't wait for your next instalment! Don't keep us in suspenders (as my old pal Jacqui used to say) too long!
Margaret P

hensteeth said...

It was great to see you both Sal...a real treat and thank you for such kind words. x

carol at home said...

Oh how I love antique emporiums and this one looks especially lovely.

Menopausal musing said...

Just catching up with you two Gad Abouts! Lots to see on your posts, am loving them. :O)

Clare said...

Ooooh thanks for this we are stopping in Ludlow this Sunday night and I hope to pop in on Monday to see Viv's stand. We'll definately stop by De Greys for coffee as suggested to prepare for the loveliness of the centre

silverpebble said...

Oh how I envy you meeting up with Viv and seeing her work, and thankyou SO SO much for introducing me to Pretty Rubbish - their clothes are completely up my street. Unfortunately Ludlow isn't. Humph.