Friday, 7 August 2009

From Devon, with love ;-)

It's always lovely to pay a visit to Widecombe in the Moor!

This was our stopping point this morning, a morning when a stranger came to visit us...
the sun!

How fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful area.
And all that, after we'd been to Ashburton!
We weren't the only visitors in Sarah's Lavender box today...
Teddy and Nelly!
Aren't they gorgeous!
They are for real! ( Just in case you are wondering whether Sarah is offering a new line of handmade toys!!)

Over the road to see Ros, in The Snug, was next on the agenda...where I am sorry to say that cupboard love got the better of me!
And I've been faffing around ever since!

I made a few needles cases yesterday,with some left over scraps and a pile of freebie fabric pieces, which I 'acquired' last week!

Finally, pulled out of the hat earlier, the winner of my

Thanks to everyone for joining in. I really loved reading all of your comments.

Thats it!

Have a fab weekend!

Sal ;-)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Days to remember !

'Secret Memories'
This is the work of artist Sheree Valentine Daines.

I discovered her work some time ago but as I was browsing in a lovely little shop in St Marychurch, last week, I was reminded of it .

I was looking through the greetings cards...and lo and behold there they were...her designs.

'Special Occasion'



'Royal Ascot'


'Les Secrets'

'Carefree Times'

'Cafe de Paris'


'Lazy Days'


Here's the website:

If you have the time to spare, to browse her art work, then put your sound up too!

You'll get some fabulous music on the home/introduction page; music which really brings out the atmosphere of this artist's pictures.

In fact pour yourself a drink, get comfortable , relax and enjoy this lovely art.

My header picture was also painted by Sheree Valentine Daines and I chose it for obvious reasons!

It's entitled 'Hit For Six'.

Thus, I leave you with just one word:



Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cushions, obsessions and thighs!! ;-)

It's another glorious, baking hot, sunny, summer's day, here in South Devon and I am just about to select my vintage deckchair, put on my teeny weeny bikini and go out into the suntrap of a garden, in order to tan some more!

(Ha ha.. if you believe that then...!)
It's been pouring with rain all morning, not to mention most of the month.
I do feel so sorry for the holidaymakers who save all year for their fortnight in , say, Dawlish and all they get is this weather!
Meanwhile, I've been sitting , putting the finishing touches to my crochet cushion cover and as I was doing so (and after I'd thought about those soggy holiday makers!) I thought ...
I love cushions as much as I love hand made bags!
Do you have a favourite cushion?
My next one is going to be in reds and pinks with a touch of blue... maybe.
Finally, thank you to Pomona
for this, which just arrived... I'm glad I cheered up someone...
and this definitely cheered me up.

It seems that I have to say my 5 current obsessions!

That's not easy as I have so many!

Here goes:

1. 1940s/1950s Vintage (fabric, rugs, you name it!)

2. Amanda's stall and Lesley's 'This 'n That shop ... at... Totnes!

3. Getting back to York as soon as I can!

4. Persephone books (which are adorable!)

5. Alan Shearer's thighs (it's perfectly ok as dear Mr S knows about this, as do the whole family... it's a long term 'thing' and I'm seeking advice about it ! LOL!)


And now for my list of 5 blogs where I need to pass this delightful award:

1. Sarah

2. Kirsty

3. Sue

4. Denise

5. Felicity


And don't forget that you still have time to enter my yesterday's giveaway !

I'll announce a winner on Friday.

Have fun!


Monday, 3 August 2009

Long green things..and a giveaway! ;-)

I will definitely grow Zinnias again next year!
In spite of the lack of sun, these greet me every morning, starting the day off so cheerily!
Mind you, it does not take much to make me laugh...
Look at this corker!
I've never grown Cucumbers before!
So, rushing out to the greenhouse each day to check it has been a delight!
Oh, but don't we need more sun?!
The garden looks so much better when the sun is shining!
I've even found myself doing 'winter things' just lately.

Anyway...these little Lavender bags, below, cost me nothing much to make as most of the fabric was free, and if not that, thrifted!

So here's a quick competition and giveaway for one of these.
I'll put in a FQ of fabric too!
If you could have a day trip to anywhere in England, which town, city or village would you choose and why?
That's all there is to it!!
Meanwhile, I found these at the weekend as I was poking around a charity shop in Totnes!
Well actually I lie, there was another blogger in there too..and she pointed them out to me!
Hi Hen...hope you and your lovely family had a great time down 'ere! ;-)

Anyway, must then ,where would I like to go for a day trip?

Have a wonderful Monday!


Sunday, 2 August 2009

In love...yet again! ;-)

I'm always falling in love... in Totnes!

I fell in love with this!

And this gorgeous vintage tray!

And more pillowcases!

And this sweet little alleyway.

I'm always in love here.

Hmm...the guy in the cap looks a bit shifty!

He's in love with this...


And on Friday,

I also fell in love with these new additions to Sarah's Lavender Box.

So...I wonder...what are you in love with today?