Monday, 3 August 2009

Long green things..and a giveaway! ;-)

I will definitely grow Zinnias again next year!
In spite of the lack of sun, these greet me every morning, starting the day off so cheerily!
Mind you, it does not take much to make me laugh...
Look at this corker!
I've never grown Cucumbers before!
So, rushing out to the greenhouse each day to check it has been a delight!
Oh, but don't we need more sun?!
The garden looks so much better when the sun is shining!
I've even found myself doing 'winter things' just lately.

Anyway...these little Lavender bags, below, cost me nothing much to make as most of the fabric was free, and if not that, thrifted!

So here's a quick competition and giveaway for one of these.
I'll put in a FQ of fabric too!
If you could have a day trip to anywhere in England, which town, city or village would you choose and why?
That's all there is to it!!
Meanwhile, I found these at the weekend as I was poking around a charity shop in Totnes!
Well actually I lie, there was another blogger in there too..and she pointed them out to me!
Hi Hen...hope you and your lovely family had a great time down 'ere! ;-)

Anyway, must then ,where would I like to go for a day trip?

Have a wonderful Monday!



Shabby Chick said...

Hi Sal

Love a giveaway... and love your crochet too!

If I could go anywhere it would be St Ives in Cornwall, because it's so beautiful. I would walk onto the lovely soft sand, watch the huge seagulls and have a wander round the little shops.

Mel xxx

Michela said...

..just to say hello! Everytime I stop by you, your pictures cheer me up a lot!
Have a great week! :)

Menopausal musing said...

Funny old year on the growing front, eh? Last year my Cosmos were fantastic and yet this year................. not good at all. Choice of place to visit? York.... I spent a lot of my formative years there but only went once and would love to go back as an adult. I can vouch for those lavender bags, by the way, thanks for the one you included alongside the free needlecase with my recent purchase. Lovely! x

Serenata said...

A day trip? It would have to be Totnes for me as you keep tantilizing me with such wonderful goodies and pictures!

KC'sCourt! said...

Zinnias are great aren't they? you've done well with your salad, must be all that rain which helped.
Went to the boot fair Sunday there were two I-Spy books and I think he was trying on as iy were he was asking £5 for the two.......
You ask where would you like to go for a day trip, well for me it just has to be TOTNES. I walk down the hill on one side go to the river at the bottom walk up the other side and stop at the tea shop where they sell cakes from the antique display cabinets. Looking in all the charity shops, and look in the other shops too.

Lalabi-baby said...

Hi Sal .... lovely Zinnias I will have to look out for them next year .... your visits to Totnes are very tantalizing so I think I would have to have a double dose of Devon and visit Totnes and Sidmouth .... I spent an afternoon there last year wandering round the little shops and really needed more time.

funkymonkey said...

Well, I'd have to go to one of my regular Shropshire haunts - Bishops Castle with a stop in Church Stretton in the afternoon for tea at Berry's coffee house and a wander around the antiques centre.


Anonymous said...

That's a difficult one! I think I'd choose York as there's so much to do there. Sue x

Isobel said...

Hi Sal,
Your garden looks lovely. if I could choose, it would have to be a day in Bosham near Chichester. I've been there for a lovely long weekend with hubby a couple of years ago and absolutely love the place, so sweet and peaceful.

Country Cottage Chic said...

I always enjoy a day out in Bath & as it only takes me half an hour to get there I have plenty of time for shopping & eating!


Simone said...

I think I would choose somewhere in Kent. I would go in the autumn time, do a spot of apple and pear picking, have a look around the local shops and have a ploughmans lunch and half a lager shandy in an old fashioned pub. I like to live on 'the edge'!!! Your cucumber looks like a whopper by the way!

April said...

Oooh, where would I go, I think it would have to be Glastonbury - as long as it wasn't during the festival. I find Glastonbury is truly inspiring and peaceful town, I love all the different shops, wandering round the Abbey ruins, visiting Chalice Well and breath taking view that is well worth the climb up the Tor.


April xx

anne bebbington said...

Well as I'm only about half an hour in the other direction and you wax so lyrical about the place I keep meaning to spend a nice leisurely day in Exeter - the only time I've managed to get there has been to the rugby! - which doesn't exactly take you into the city centre

Hen said...

Hi Sal,
Lovely to catch up with your both on Saturday, good you found some I-Spys for your collection. We left Totnes predictably laden and very much enjoyed our steak from the butchers for dinner!
Golly, where would I like to go? In the interests of choosing somewhere I don't normally go to, and we do whizz about quite a lot, I'd like to go up to the Lake District because it's years since I've been there and I'd like to visit the fabby Arts & Crafts house that has now been restored and opened up to visitors (name escapes me).
Love your zinnias. Saw some in a shop last week and have regretted not buying them ever since.
Hen x

Professor A B Yaffle said...

Oh! Where would I like a day out?
I don't know as you haven't told me yet
To be honest I didn't even know I could have one

sue15cat said...

If I could choose anywhere for a day out it would have to be Scorton, a little village near Garstand in Lancashire.

When I was little we always holidayed just up the road from the village in a caravan, it usually rained and one day each holiday we would walk the 2 miles or so to the village wearing our wet weather gear and buy a homemade icecream from the village shop and walk up the hill to the motorway bridge to watch the cars whizz under. A silly tradition I know, but one that I continued when my boys were little and I've even taken my Lovely Hubby there last year.

It just summed up happy family times in a beautiful village and I would do it once a week if I had the chance.

Sue xx

Kirsty said...

Ooh I think I'd like to go back to Bournemouth. Never been since I was a kid and I used to go every year. Sure it would bring back loads of memories.

Lovely giveaway and lovely blog. I must look out for those I spy books, never seen them before :O)

Linda O said...

Hi Sal,
Your garden is looking lovely, the zinnias are pretty, aren't they!
And the size of that cucumber!!!!! Ours have been tiny in comparison!
I would like to go to Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight, I always went on holidays there as a child, and have some very special memories of happy family times.

Florence and Mary said...

Surely that's easy... Totnes of course! I see and hear so many wonderful things through blogging I'd love to experience it for myself,

Victoria xx

Ticking stripes said...

I think it would have to be Hay on Wye - for its delightful scenery when dry and the masses of second hand book shops when wet. A place to be happy in any weather! Thanks for your lovely comment - will have to take you up on that!


Lace hearts said...

What lovely finds in Totnes, and a whole bunch as well! Thanks for your comment... I was very lucky indeed at the car booty last week!
What a good giveaway. Um, where would I go? Well, it would probably be Polperro in Cornwall. I just love it down there, and it never fails to lift me.

LissyLou said...

At the moment i would choose Bath - i'd browse the shops, walk along the river, head to my fave restaurant Demuths and then go and see a film. xx

Pomona said...

I live in the country so a day out would have to be in town - I think I would go to Cambridge because it is the most beautiful town I have every been to, and it would fill my head with the dreams of my youth long-gone! And I could then punt down to Grantchester and have honey for tea amongst the shades of the past, before plucking an unofficial rose to take home as a souvenir.

Pomona x

Felicity said...

i think my day out would be in Totnes, ive read such lovely bloggy tales of vintage finds, oh i really want to go!!! fliss xx

Annie said...

I think it would have to be Combe Martin, we have had many happy family holidays there in my uncle's cottage. For various reasons we haven't been for a couple of years and I am missing it. The coastal scenery is beautiful and the little cove is very pretty and great for rock pooling.The last time I was there, there was a lovely little deli cafe near the beach and a sweet little antique shop.
Ann x

Bobo Bun said...

How can I choose? So many fantastic places with wonderful memories. I think first stop on the trip would be Brighton - fell in love and had our first daughter there. So a very special place indeed.

I loved the idea of teeny bikini v crochet.

Mrs Bun x