Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cushions, obsessions and thighs!! ;-)

It's another glorious, baking hot, sunny, summer's day, here in South Devon and I am just about to select my vintage deckchair, put on my teeny weeny bikini and go out into the suntrap of a garden, in order to tan some more!

(Ha ha.. if you believe that then...!)
It's been pouring with rain all morning, not to mention most of the month.
I do feel so sorry for the holidaymakers who save all year for their fortnight in , say, Dawlish and all they get is this weather!
Meanwhile, I've been sitting , putting the finishing touches to my crochet cushion cover and as I was doing so (and after I'd thought about those soggy holiday makers!) I thought ...
I love cushions as much as I love hand made bags!
Do you have a favourite cushion?
My next one is going to be in reds and pinks with a touch of blue... maybe.
Finally, thank you to Pomona http://littlecottagecomforts.blogspot.com/
for this, which just arrived... I'm glad I cheered up someone...
and this definitely cheered me up.

It seems that I have to say my 5 current obsessions!

That's not easy as I have so many!

Here goes:

1. 1940s/1950s Vintage (fabric, rugs, you name it!)

2. Amanda's stall and Lesley's 'This 'n That shop ... at... Totnes!

3. Getting back to York as soon as I can!

4. Persephone books (which are adorable!)

5. Alan Shearer's thighs (it's perfectly ok as dear Mr S knows about this, as do the whole family... it's a long term 'thing' and I'm seeking advice about it ! LOL!)


And now for my list of 5 blogs where I need to pass this delightful award:


http://landcuckoo.blogspot.com/ Sarah


http://kirstyscottageindustries.blogspot.com/ Kirsty


http://ournewlifeinthecountry.blogspot.com/ Sue


http://abuncandance.blogspot.com/ Denise


http://joshyandbelle.blogspot.com/ Felicity


And don't forget that you still have time to enter my yesterday's giveaway !

I'll announce a winner on Friday.

Have fun!



Michela said...

Ha ha ha! I believed for a while that it was a sunny day there!
Congratulations on your new award!
P.S.Is a tote bag that one at the bottom of your mosaic (on the left)? Do you sell them? It's fab!

Florence and Mary said...

Great list of obsessions!

Victoria x

KC'sCourt! said...

..........this is why Devon and Somerset are so lush and green! It's the RAIN and more rain! After many years of living in the South west I have come to the conclusion we have a "Rainy Season"!
Fab cushions.

Felicity said...

Hi Sal
Oh Ive been sat here feeling sorry for myself all day, wheezing away the minutes!! Ive bunged joshy in front of the tv (im such a bad mother) but i needed some blog therapy!! I love your cushion, i might make one for the sofa, thanks for the tag I'll do that tomorrow,
please can you enter me in to your giveaway!
fliss xx

Menopausal musing said...

Blooming heck, you were quick off the mark with your award... I've just come in between jobs and was plesed to get mine too. Love that mosaic Sal..... Love it. Bucketing here too :O( x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Sal
Thank you for the Tag Award!!!!
I shall be pondering my obsessions, or maybe not, as no doubt it should be spontaneous!!
I love your cushion collection - I too love cushions especially patchwork ones.
Oh yes, and thank you for sending that ray of sunshine from Devon - much appreciated amidst the endless rain of today!
Denise x

French Knots said...

We need some manly thighs to ogle, cheers us up when the weather is so grotty!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Alan Shearer's thighs? Well really!
I must say I come from oop North and I have never noticed them. Does that mean there is something wrong with me, she asks! He is on our Northern TV screen plenty - shall have a good look next time he is in short pants.

Josie-Mary said...

Sun...what's that? I think I've forgotten what it looks like. Love the cushions :)

anne bebbington said...

I must admit when I started to read this post I couldn't believe you were getting the sunshine whilst we, at only an hour up the road, were getting the poxy rain again!!! However then I realised you were kidding - I also feel so sorry for those on holiday in all this grotty weather - especially those with little ones to entertain. As for the thighs - I'm with you on that but please take it from one who knows, rugby players thighs are just as good as footballers if not better - methinks you need to broaden your horizons :o)

Kitschen Pink said...

I am off to google Alan Shearer's thighs. I do like to know what other bloggers are talking about and I feel it is only polite to do my homework.....xx

Pomona said...

I love Persephone books, too - five probably wasn't obsessive enough for me!

Pomona x