Friday, 24 July 2009

What a load of old cobbles!

Well, what can I say?!
I thought that staggering up that cobbled hill in Lincoln, a couple of years ago, was bad enough but that's nothing compared to what we did earlier today!

When dear DH said he was doing a flying visit to Bideford , I said 'Ah right, well I'll come too and let's have a day out!'

I actually had nowhere in mind but we ended up in... Clovelly!

If you can ignore all the 'grocks' (as we Devon people call the holidaymakers) and the horrible grock shops selling horrible grock souvenirs, and just focus on what is pretty, then Clovelly is great to visit.
(A bit painful on the old feet so do take the right footwear...which I didn't!)

Cor blimey! It's hard enough to walk to the bottom cos them there cobbles is a bit dodgy!
And as you go, you keep thinking 'Oh lordy me, I still have to walk all the way back to the top!'

I just loved the pretty cottages and gardens .

But there's no way I would want to live there!

And there's no way I would ever want a job at the bottom of the hill!

But it was worth it!

I think we'll sleep well tonight, in readiness for our 'Cornish experience' tomorrow!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!;-)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My old new dresser!!

For eight years this dresser (which was dark oak) has stood in our car port, all alone and unloved! ;-)
I've often thought about painting it but have never actually got around to it.
Lately, we've had a lot of rotten weather here and so yesterday, whilst it was pouring with rain, I dragged the dresser out into my lovely little undercover/shabby area...and hey presto!

If I decide to do something, I get it done! No faffing around! The faffing comes later!

I decided on F&B Lulworth and F&B Blazer.

This afternoon, I put the finishing touches to it!
I'm really pleased with how it's turned out!

(And then I did the faffing around!)

I say this afternoon... because this morning I found myself in a queue, in town!

Each year, one of the charity shops has a grand linen sale! ;-)
Apparently, people come from far and wide especially for this sale!

And so off I went with a good friend to see what we could find!

I came back with some pretties, naturally...

It was not a bad sale, although sadly they had displayed a lot of it in the window, which meant that only one person could get into the window area at a time...Great!

I stood patiently, second in the queue to get into the window... whilst my friend rummaged through the pillow cases and embroidered tablecloths! ;-)

I was pretty pleased with my finds!

Not content with that, we then did the charity shops. Newton Abbot is a charity shop lovers dream. I think we counted 14!

A blue and white jug found its way into my possession!

And this pretty little, hand painted, trinket dish .

A crochet shawl for 60p!!

It's been a great day!
I came home happy..and even managed to paint some more slabs! LOL!

And now I have time to sit and look forward to the weekend... as on Saturday Mr S and I are off on a 'little jolly".
Here's a clue!
(And I am not setting foot in a shop!)

I can't wait! ;-)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Oh dear me!

No matter
which way


look at it

this is

50s vintage
perfectly pretty
shockingly shabby
cheekily chic
gobsmackingly gorgeous

and, oh dear, I should not have bid ;-)



myself ...



P.S. Yes I just got some pastel colours and painted the grotty paving slabs!