Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My old new dresser!!

For eight years this dresser (which was dark oak) has stood in our car port, all alone and unloved! ;-)
I've often thought about painting it but have never actually got around to it.
Lately, we've had a lot of rotten weather here and so yesterday, whilst it was pouring with rain, I dragged the dresser out into my lovely little undercover/shabby area...and hey presto!

If I decide to do something, I get it done! No faffing around! The faffing comes later!

I decided on F&B Lulworth and F&B Blazer.

This afternoon, I put the finishing touches to it!
I'm really pleased with how it's turned out!

(And then I did the faffing around!)

I say this afternoon... because this morning I found myself in a queue, in town!

Each year, one of the charity shops has a grand linen sale! ;-)
Apparently, people come from far and wide especially for this sale!

And so off I went with a good friend to see what we could find!

I came back with some pretties, naturally...

It was not a bad sale, although sadly they had displayed a lot of it in the window, which meant that only one person could get into the window area at a time...Great!

I stood patiently, second in the queue to get into the window... whilst my friend rummaged through the pillow cases and embroidered tablecloths! ;-)

I was pretty pleased with my finds!

Not content with that, we then did the charity shops. Newton Abbot is a charity shop lovers dream. I think we counted 14!

A blue and white jug found its way into my possession!

And this pretty little, hand painted, trinket dish .

A crochet shawl for 60p!!

It's been a great day!
I came home happy..and even managed to paint some more slabs! LOL!

And now I have time to sit and look forward to the weekend... as on Saturday Mr S and I are off on a 'little jolly".
Here's a clue!
(And I am not setting foot in a shop!)

I can't wait! ;-)


Mary Poppins said...

WOW what beautiful linens you came back with. Super, and well done with your dresser, mine too is here awaiting me to don a paintbrush :)


LittleGem said...

Wow Sal what gorgeous colours you've chosen for your dresser! I love the way you've dressed it too. Well done on all your charity shop finds too xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my little beating terribly fast...what a beautiful dresser, and divinely gorgeous linens..I love your outdoor always find such stunning bits, wonderfully shabby chic..I am coming to see it!! Jane xxxxxxxxxxxx

Josie-Mary said...

wow that looks great Sal! At first I thought it was the large dresser in your hall. I love the shawl for 60p...bargain!! Some great finds there. Have a great weekend :)

KC'sCourt! said...

That is lovely - I sold my dresser like that a few years back - wished I hadn't now! The linens are beautiful, me thinks me will have to make a trip to Newton Abbot, and Totnes!

marble rose said...

Your dresser is so pretty, it has a kind of red white and blue feel which I love! And the linens are so pretty - what shall you do with them? Oooh and I spy that rug again!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Sal - I never cease to be amazed at your ingenuity - lovely pink things - and a jaunt to CK at the weekend as well.

Hen said...

Well done, Sal, fabby finds, you must be really chuffed. Enjoy your next adventure...
Hen x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Golly what an epic day! the dresser looks really cheery and all those wonderous linens! Lucky you, hope you have a lovely Cornish Jolly. I am counting down to mine too.......T- 7 and counting
:) Sarah x

Simone said...

The dresser looks jolly nice! I love the bunting and the hanging hearts and the rug etc, etc. Enjoy your trip!

Guenievre said...

Ohh, it's lovely ! A beautiful blue ! Well done !
Les petites "serviettes" en tissu sont superbes, tu as fait de bonnes affaires.
I catch sight of C. Kidston name in the last photo ?.. I love ! But there is none shop in France ... grrr ... No more in Paris ... we're going to spend a week on the capital in August, I 've had a look on internet to find a shop there but no ... NONE C. Kisdton's shop ... I'm sad :-(((
Continue tes bonnes affaires, c'est un plaisir pour les yeux.

sue15cat said...

Wow! What a lot of lovely finds and that dresser is lovely, amazing how it matches some of the newly painted flags so well!!

Can't wait to find out what you're up to next.

Sue xx

Felicity said...

Sal, its gorgeus! and your little area looks so pretty, id love to sit there chatting with a big cup of tea and crochet, i love the crochet shawl you found and the linens, i never ever find nice textiles when i search! xx

LissyLou said...

What a great little area Sal - i hope the spiders are staying away!!!

Helen said...

Now that's what I call a spending spreeeee! Well done. Love your dresser.
Helen x

Menopausal musing said...

If you are ever throwing out that cushion cover (the one on the chair with the vase of flowers embroidered on it).... throw it MY way.... what a haul! x

our shabby cottage said...

Love it and the lovely embroideries. You must have painters arm by now?

Florence and Mary said...

Oh the dresser looks fab! I love the colours - and your slabs, perfect!

The linen sale sounds fantastic and worth queuing for.

Victoria xx

Bobbie Lynn said...

What a beautiful job you did. I love the shape of it too. Great sitting area too. The embroideries are just perfect.

Karoline said...

The dresser is lovely and you got some beautiful linens

Professor A B Yaffle said...

Hi Honey I'm home

You know, I have been thinking about that old dresser and think we should just wax and polish it
So don't.........

Rosie said...

Super dresser, love the bunting! Have a great weekend:)

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, The dressser, bunting and all of those lovely embroidered finds look great! Enjoy your outing to Carnwall.
Lesley XX

Anonymous said...

What a very pretty place you have created there! I do love those little flower books. Their covers are so sweet. Hey, I recognise that rug...It was ME you outbid for it! It is gorgeous. I wont hold a grudge as it does look great in your "shabby" space!

Helen said...

Hi, I have nominated you for a circle of friends award, You can see details on my post today,
Love Helen x

sharie said...

Love the dresser!

And what a great selection of finds you made at the cs and the linen sale.

BTW the curtains over the table in your header are just gorgeous!

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Love the dresser, and the floor is looking fab. Can I ask what type of F&B paint you use on furnaiture as I got very confused in their web site earlyer!! I have an old kitchen cabinate to paint and want a traditional look, not to glossy!
Luv sophie xxx