Saturday, 4 July 2009


Welcome to the Liverton Country Fair, where, if you were a bloke, it was a great day !! LOL!
Here, we have my dear other half and Barbara's (Barbara is Amanda's mum) other half , deep in conversation, concerning the use of pink plastic buckets in the home and whether rubber really is necessary in the kitchen!!!
Moving swiftly on, (although I will be returning to these two gentlemen at the end of this blog post).....

We've all had a great day but the real star of the show, today, was Daisy.

Daisy who?...ah , you might well ask!

Enter Daisy... Amanda's fabulous camper van!

Daisy provided the perfect backdrop for us as we displayed all of our vintage, retro, handmade and shabby 'chicness'...tons of it!
OMG if you could have seen Daisy in the flesh. you'd want one too!


I mean..I love my own car and Daisy seemed to get on well with him/her( and sadly, nameless!).... but look, it's just not the same really, is it? LOL!

I am completely in love with Daisy!
You may well want an 'Amanda' in your part of the country...but now you'll want a Daisy as well!
And here's Amanda, brewing up!

The day was perfect too ...cloudy at first but the weather got better and better.
If you look to the right of the hill you can see Haytor Rock, on Dartmoor!

Yes, we had our cream teas!

And so finally...just what do you think these two are REALLY saying to each other ?

I do hope your Saturday was as nice as ours !


Friday, 3 July 2009

One big dose of prettiness for you all ! ;-)

I've been so looking forward to tomorrow, for ages!!
I'm meeting up with Amanda (Shabby Chick, Totnes market etc..I'm sure you all know that by now!) at the LIVERTON COUNTRY FAYRE ;-)
It starts at 12 noon and continues until 5pm
Do come and say hello if you are in the South Devon...we'd really love to see you!!

As far as I know, we are in a big field ,very near to Blackpool school.
I'm praying for good weather!
I'll be taking along all my wares... hand made and vintage pretties.... and Amanda will be there with her wonderful goodies....just imagine..... I'll be right next to that ALL afternoon!!

Mr S is coming along to provide entertainment value...LOL
(The mention of the beer tent kind of persuaded him!)
And so I am now all packed and ready to's taken me hours!
The good thing is that I only live 10 minutes away from Liverton!

To 'pretty up' my stall I have gathered together some pretty cups and saucers and embarked on some very basic flower arranging!!
The flowers are a mix from my own garden and Mr Sainsburys' Roses and Carnations (which at £1.99 a bunch I thought was PDG)

Finally...this has to be said...

Amazingly, about two hours after I had posted yesterday's blog one of my lovely pupils and his mum, came to the door with the most beautiful bunch of ...Sweet Peas!
The scent has wafted through the hallway ever much better than any scented spray!
You simply can't beat the scent of a lovely bunch of Sweet Peas , can you?
A lovely surprise!

Big hugs to Patrick and Jane!! ;-)

I stood them in front of a mirror and got double the delight as you can see in my header pic!

Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Green bottles, green ginger and sweet things ;-)

Is there a better way to spend a dull, overcast morning?
This morning, we visited Green Ginger Cafe, Ashburton!
As you can see, the Cheese and Chives scones have disappeared from our plates ;-)

Next time, when it's sunny, I'll take pics of the lovely garden!

Before we went to Ashburton , I wandered around our own garden , observing the progress!

The Sweet Peas, which I sowed ages ago, are finally in flower! I was beginning to think I'd have the only flowerless sweet peas in phew!

Each year, this reminds me to get out my fave Sweet Pea China...Bridgewater of course!

I don't possess very much of it, so please don't all turn up at once, for tea...!

Now here's a thing!
Recently...and I've forgotten exactly where it was... but definitely a place which sells shabby, vintage fact it might have even been Chipping Sodbury, where we wandered, after the ORIGINAL ONE AND ONLY BLOGGERS V&H FAIR ...I saw a very nice green, glass bottle...priced at £9.99, with some sweet peas in it (not included in the price).

I didn't buy it and so this isn't it! ;-)
Not long afterwards, I chose to have an orange drink, in a cafe and the drink was in a bottle very similar to the one I'd seen for £9.99.
So I took it home, soaked off the label and hey presto!

These particular sweet peas, which I've had for some time, are fake...but they are not bad for fake!

Sweet... but not peas..are these lovely books which I recently added to my collection of Mollie Clarke books.

So simple...

...yet so effective.
And so nice to think that they've found a lovely home!