Friday, 26 June 2009

Makes your heart sing! ;-)

My goodies from the recycling centre (or dump!) ... this ... once a horrible, brown, wooden plant stand...

Now transformed ... painted in F&B Apple Green.

Two terracotta chimney pots

I stood in awe and wonder when I spotted this beauty in my garden , having just come into bloom...

And just as vivid...
Hanging splashes of colour which make my heart sing..

Perpetual cuteness...

Cornflowers blowing in the breeze...
Summer has truly arrived !

I hope the sun shines for you.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone ;-)

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Big smiles today! ;-) ;-)
We've been to Ashburton...or Ashbucket as it is known in my house!
And we all know what that means, don't we?

Two of the loveliest people ,Sarah and her mum, run this shop and as we entered they were enthusing over thousands of vintage buttons!

But they still had the time to stop and fact I reckon that Sarah is one of the best natterers that I have met! ;-)

They're such fun people and that makes the whole experience more enjoyable...even Mr S looked like he was enjoying himself amidst all that was vintage, shabby and chic...and downright disgustingly gorgeous...(but he might not admit to it, naturally)!

Sarah and her mum absolutely love it if you want to 'snap away' to your heart's content.

So I did...and I let Mr S do the nattering... as he is very good at that.

And so, for all of you who live that bit too far away to visit this lovely shop ,here's your eye candy..and my there is plenty of it..ready?

Had enough?
Tough cos here's more...

And just a little more..

I think it's about time that Country Living paid a visit, don't you? ;-)

After that..well we had to rest, we were so worn out!

So we skipped over the road to the antiques and coffee shop.

I wonder..what is he doing behind these flowers?

I think it has something to do with an iphone!

But to be fair, I did look on the bottom of the bone china tea cup and he kindly said that he would note down the name, so that's what he's doing!


... I could not stop looking at my vintage and pretty 'finds'.
You didn't think that I would come home with nothing, did you?

Two embroidered tray cloths from Sarah and two lovely pieces of vintage fabric from 'The Snug'.

Here's the link to Sarah's can buy online...or get down 'ere to Devon... me booties!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wednesday Snippets ;-)

Welcome to the Teigngrace headquarters of the RSPB ..LOL! ;-)
It must be a very good year for Woodpeckers... as they frequent the garden almost every other minute!
I don't think I have ever seem them visiting as often as this...especially very early in the morning. I've spotted mum, dad and young'n at various times...a joy to watch, especially when they adopt that famous 'Woodpecker pose', on the upright of the bird feeder.
We also get the Green Woodpecker, daily, poking about on the lawn.

You can't beat it, it's such a delight and best of all it's free to watch with no subscription whatsoever (and no chance of the tv company going bust!) !

And in between the Woodpeckers, all sorts of other birdlife fly in, to feed.
I sat about three feet away from this little darling and what a pose...!

Now, as you know, I'm a bit of a nosey devil when it comes to gardens!
Yesterday, I was in my sister's garden, taking my camera for a walk!

Talking of all things pretty, I was the only bidder on these little vintage Irish Linen beauties recently...
They have such pretty little scenes embroidered on to them.

I'm quite taken with them!
The jury is out on what I'll do with them!

Meanwhile, I have a date at a country fair next weekend,with Amanda, and I've made a few little bits to add to my stock..lavender sachets from some vintage scraps...pinnies from left over remnants.

And now..I have to dash as I am going to the recycling centre with a friend...where we will, I am sure, oooh and ahhh over piles of junk and things of that sort !
What fun !
Have a good day ;-)