Thursday, 25 June 2009


Big smiles today! ;-) ;-)
We've been to Ashburton...or Ashbucket as it is known in my house!
And we all know what that means, don't we?

Two of the loveliest people ,Sarah and her mum, run this shop and as we entered they were enthusing over thousands of vintage buttons!

But they still had the time to stop and fact I reckon that Sarah is one of the best natterers that I have met! ;-)

They're such fun people and that makes the whole experience more enjoyable...even Mr S looked like he was enjoying himself amidst all that was vintage, shabby and chic...and downright disgustingly gorgeous...(but he might not admit to it, naturally)!

Sarah and her mum absolutely love it if you want to 'snap away' to your heart's content.

So I did...and I let Mr S do the nattering... as he is very good at that.

And so, for all of you who live that bit too far away to visit this lovely shop ,here's your eye candy..and my there is plenty of it..ready?

Had enough?
Tough cos here's more...

And just a little more..

I think it's about time that Country Living paid a visit, don't you? ;-)

After that..well we had to rest, we were so worn out!

So we skipped over the road to the antiques and coffee shop.

I wonder..what is he doing behind these flowers?

I think it has something to do with an iphone!

But to be fair, I did look on the bottom of the bone china tea cup and he kindly said that he would note down the name, so that's what he's doing!


... I could not stop looking at my vintage and pretty 'finds'.
You didn't think that I would come home with nothing, did you?

Two embroidered tray cloths from Sarah and two lovely pieces of vintage fabric from 'The Snug'.

Here's the link to Sarah's can buy online...or get down 'ere to Devon... me booties!


KC'sCourt! said...

What lovely photos, another shop to add to my list!

Josie said...

the photo's are great! it looks a lovely shop.
Josie x

summerfete said...

and breathe...

Ellouise88 said...

Hang on a minute! I haven't managed to get to Totnes yet and you're showing me somewhere else I need to visit! Lovely pics and lovely shop. Thanks for sharing with us.

sue15cat said...

What a fantastic shop, I just nipped over to the website too, breathtaking, makes me miss my little shop even more!!

Thanks for taking us on a visit there, if I'm ever in the area it's a place I wouldn't miss.

Sue xx

Josie-Mary said...

Can't wait for our visit. Lovely goodies you have. Was Stig playing with his iphone again???!!!! :)

April said...

so pretty!

April xx

cocoa and blankets said...

Right that isanother one on my list of places to go....the shop looks lke H

Lace hearts said...

That looks such a wonderful shop - thank you for all the pics.

MelMel said...

CL could fill a whole edition just going there...WOWWWWWWWWWW
What a super den of vintage loveliness!!!
How cute the dog looked sitting in the chair!

our shabby cottage said...

What a gorgeous shop! I love the little pink cottage tea cosie.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Just absolutely shabby gorgeous!!!!
Thanks for the eye candy!!!!

Sharon xx

juanitatortilla said...

No I don't think I've had enough eye candy!
Everything is gorgeous! The purple gingham basket with that beautiful set of china... that picture stole my heart.
Thank you for this lovely visit to Sarah's Lavendar Box!!! Wonderful, wonderful land of shabby-chic-ness.

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi Sal do you know I can feel the energy in your blogs I bet you never sit still do you? I have bought some stuff from This n' That by post - thank you for adding her shop tp your blog. I bought alan three lovely little ladies he was really pleased. I haven't posted for ages life is a little fraught here at the moment. Work is rubbish, the house isn't going anywhere at the mo. alan wants to retire!, my son is is bother!and worst of all my dearest friend in the world my Dad has been told his cancer is now aggressive. I am soldiering on you have to don't you and I still read all my favourite blogs to cheer me up - especially yours - we will get to Devbon again one day. I have been snapping my garden as well - I often get up early and sit in the sun or even the clouds! just to get the day ahead in perspective. Thank you so much for cheering me up all the time........

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely virtual visit & it didn't cost me a penny!

The tea set - Royal Albert Moss Rose I'm guessing?


Anonymous said...

Stunning shop, one that I love dearly...a real treat for anyone who adores anything pretty and gorgeous....i would recommend this shop to everyone!! Your blogs are always so heart warming Sally...thank-you xxxx

Guenievre said...

Hi !
Beautiful plates, beautiful cushions, beautiful jugs, beautiful teapots, beautiful etc, etc ......... all is lovely ! With flowers, I love !!
Have a nice day !

funkymonkey said...

Sal, you're doing it again. Please stop taunting me with loveliness I can't reach!