Friday, 5 June 2009

Preserving the countryside...or not!

I don't know if anyone has seen this piece of news. It caught my eye as it's local news for me.

And it made me so mad. Ooooh it made me see red!

I just wish that people had a better understanding of the countryside.

Meanwhile, I have just won this little gem below, for 99p!

To add to my growing collection ( of two!)

To add to my very untidy 'Nature Table'!

Ah that's better..

And prompted by Jane, over at 'Posy blog' (I've been reading about her attempts to attract the birds!)...this one..again 99p!

I had this book years ago and seemed to recall that it had Woodpeckers on the back cover...

And when it arrived..guess what...

Knowing how much Mr Snippets loves the bird life in the garden, I shall share it with him.

Greater Spotted Woodpeckers have been visiting us regularly, this week... and it's a real joy to sit and watch them...and all for free!

Have a great weekend everyone!;-)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thursday Snippets

I bought these cute pair at the V&H Fair. I spotted them on Jayne's stall...whilst unbeknown to me...

Mr S was buying me a mirror from which has been finished this time!! lol might be thinking that I have begun my crafting in readiness for the next fair...

Not so!

A very odd thing happened to me about three weeks ago.
I had an email from someone who asked if I could make her some Lavender bags for her wedding 'favours'.

The strange thing was this..she is called 'Sally'...but that's not all...!!

Her second name is Elizabeth, as mine is..but that's not all...!

She lives in Newton Abbot..!

I've been working like a trojan to get them I've not been far...

But I've been to vote!

This will make you laugh..look where I always have to go to vote...see the building behind my car!

Out of my gate...and six more steps!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Alone and happy ;-)

What a beautiful day!
We have Swallows nesting in the carport.
The parents sit on these wires and then fly in through the trellis to feed their young.
Or they fly in the back way, right by my's a joy to watch them...and oh the noise!
I've spent the day here at 'Woodpeckers', alone ...just me and the garden.
I've not seen another human being since the men of the house disappeared to work.
But I have smiled!
These are the things that have made me smile...
My dark pink Lewisia ,'flirting' with other plants to make a spectacular picture.

The wooded place at the bottom of the garden,where the foxgloves and nettles intertwine...a place which is my retreat... where I have rested awhile to gather my thoughts and energy.

A beauty of a Poppy.

Little containers of loveliness.

We live next to what was once a village school (now the church hall)... our house was built in the old school playground and that brings a smile to my face.

The place where Mr S and I often sit and enjoy the nature of Woodpeckers.

A lovely day just enjoying one's own company.
I hope your day has been just as lovely!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A smile costs nothing! ;-)

This morning, I was at my mum's, 'crafting'.
We did 'quilling'... but we spent so much time talking and laughing even more ...that not a lot was achieved really!!
Somehow, the conversation got around to, 'people who do not smile' ;-)
We have a shop in town where the owner does not smile at mum often spends a lot of money in this particular shop !
All of a sudden my mum said, 'Do you remember that bookmark you gave me, years ago?'
Well I didn't... and so off she went to find it!
And of course,she returned with a box full of bookmarks..loads of them!

She proceeded to tell me that now I had something to blog, seeing as our quilling efforts were somewhat 'naff'!!

So I brought them home to look through them and I fell in love with these National Trust bookmarks right away.
And various other lovely designs.

Lots of historical ones too.

And many more that I have not yet discovered!

Keep smiling!


Sunday, 31 May 2009

Yeah, Britain's Got Talent..what DIVERSITY.. at Chipping Sodbury!

Simon : Words fail me...almost!
23 quality acts.
I think I'll sign you all.
I mean... We had a deal, didn't we? Which was...
You provide the class and quality!
Well, you did not let me down (winks and smiles, shows his gorgeous chest too ;-)

Amanda: I agree with Simon.
Wow and double wow!
You should all be sooo proud!
I am bursting with pride for you (giggles).. and bursting out of this dress I think!
You were absolutely sooooperb and I'll be looking to buy my next wardrobe and accessories for the next series, from you all, for that special, vintage look!
Well done to you all.
I absolutely loved you !

Piers: (Watching for Amanda to burst out of her dress ;-)
Well ladies, now let's be honest here, I know you all adore me... so here's what I'll do ...
You can each make me a tie for the next series.
Gold stars all round...true professionals.
Ab fab!
Cor all that praise and NO buzzes!!
LOL! ;-) ;-)

Yes! It has to be said that the talent came to Chipping Sodbury, on Saturday, in the form of the V&H Fair.

Crowds of bloggers and non bloggers piled in, ready to spend , spend , spend!
Many had travelled long distances too.
So what did they find when they arrived?
Oooh you may well ask!
OMG it was such a brilliant day but as with all good things, it was over in a flash!

It was wonderful to meet up with everyone... bloggy stall holders...bloggy buyers etc etc and to put faces to bloggy names.

It was great to meet up with April (Cake makes the world a better place); Joe (Josie Mary); Isabelle (Suzy's Vintage Attic); Lesley (Totnes This 'N That); Kathy (Menopausal Musing);
Sue (Our new life in the country)... and many more who all came to say hello !

And so... Sat 30th May will not just be remembered for Chelsea winning the F.A. Cup and Diversity's winning performance on stage.
Oh no!
Another brilliant goal was scored at Chipping Sodbury, by Michele and Jayne ,who have put this fab fair firmly on the calendar... and up there with all other things truly British.
A massive thanks to them... and not forgetting the helpers on the cake stall, who worked their socks off !

In no particular order... here are the 'winners' for you to enjoy with your cuppa:

Phew..I think that's it!

A truly great day !