Sunday, 31 May 2009

Yeah, Britain's Got Talent..what DIVERSITY.. at Chipping Sodbury!

Simon : Words fail me...almost!
23 quality acts.
I think I'll sign you all.
I mean... We had a deal, didn't we? Which was...
You provide the class and quality!
Well, you did not let me down (winks and smiles, shows his gorgeous chest too ;-)

Amanda: I agree with Simon.
Wow and double wow!
You should all be sooo proud!
I am bursting with pride for you (giggles).. and bursting out of this dress I think!
You were absolutely sooooperb and I'll be looking to buy my next wardrobe and accessories for the next series, from you all, for that special, vintage look!
Well done to you all.
I absolutely loved you !

Piers: (Watching for Amanda to burst out of her dress ;-)
Well ladies, now let's be honest here, I know you all adore me... so here's what I'll do ...
You can each make me a tie for the next series.
Gold stars all round...true professionals.
Ab fab!
Cor all that praise and NO buzzes!!
LOL! ;-) ;-)

Yes! It has to be said that the talent came to Chipping Sodbury, on Saturday, in the form of the V&H Fair.

Crowds of bloggers and non bloggers piled in, ready to spend , spend , spend!
Many had travelled long distances too.
So what did they find when they arrived?
Oooh you may well ask!
OMG it was such a brilliant day but as with all good things, it was over in a flash!

It was wonderful to meet up with everyone... bloggy stall holders...bloggy buyers etc etc and to put faces to bloggy names.

It was great to meet up with April (Cake makes the world a better place); Joe (Josie Mary); Isabelle (Suzy's Vintage Attic); Lesley (Totnes This 'N That); Kathy (Menopausal Musing);
Sue (Our new life in the country)... and many more who all came to say hello !

And so... Sat 30th May will not just be remembered for Chelsea winning the F.A. Cup and Diversity's winning performance on stage.
Oh no!
Another brilliant goal was scored at Chipping Sodbury, by Michele and Jayne ,who have put this fab fair firmly on the calendar... and up there with all other things truly British.
A massive thanks to them... and not forgetting the helpers on the cake stall, who worked their socks off !

In no particular order... here are the 'winners' for you to enjoy with your cuppa:

Phew..I think that's it!

A truly great day !



Professor Yaffle said...

Ah! so that's where you were

galant said...

So glad you had a good time, hope you sold lots of your lovely things, and obviously you have returned safely to Devon, and to Devon enjoying a heat wave. Have been lolling in the garden ... what's better than Devon on a sunny late- May day?
Margaret P

Cowboys and Custard said...

Well.. I would happily do an encore if Simon, Amanda and Piers required...
It was a supercaligfragilistic day wasn't it! I had the best neighbours to chat to ... when time allowed.. and am so thrilled that everyone kept smiling and had a good time..
Thank you to Mr Snippets too for your camera loan and reviving cups of tea..
So.. lets twist again... soon!
Hope you had a lovely eve in CC.. looked for you at the booty this morning .. it was packed!

Floss said...

The photos look wonderful (I've been on th Flickr ones). What a great show you all put on!

Lalabi-baby said...

So much loveliness Sal it's a wonder anyone knew where to start looking !! Has the date been fixed for next year coz I would love to come but would have to make a weekend of it to justify the journey.

Vintage to Victorian said...

What a very clever post, Sal. Love it!!! Wasn't it an absolutely amazing day? I wish there'd been someone at the door counting heads - I'm sure it would have reached 4 figures.

I'm so glad I'd read about ThisnThat on your blog before I met Lesley yesterday. Shall definitely look her up when we finally get down to Totnes on one of your whistle-stop holidays!

Hope you don't feel as tired as I do today, but after such a great day I don't really mind!

Special thanks to the Prof for all his help fetching and carrying. Couldn't have done it without him!!!!

Sue x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Love the post Sal! Glad you & Mr Snippets made it back safe & sound. It was such a fabulous day & of course it was lovely to meet up with you & Mr S again.

Mr Cottage took a super photo of the two of you - it is on his Flickr photos - the link is on my blog post today.

Can't wait for the next one!

KC'sCourt! said...

Looks and sounds you have had a really grand time

landcuckoo said...

Love the way you wrote about this! So pleased you had a good day, I'll definately be making sure I am able to come to the next one, all the stands look fabulous. Enjoy the rest of the sunshine, take care
Sarah x

April said...

it was brilliant and so nice to meet you

April xx

Menopausal musing said...

Ha! Ha! What a clever post. What a lovely job you all made of the fair...... So glad to have been, met you and purchased such lovely things. Here's to the next one!! x

Josie said...

great photo's, sounds like you had a great day out!
Josie x

Hens Teeth said...

You are a shining star Sal!

sue15cat said...

It was lovely to meet you on Saturday, I would have said hello to Mr Snippets too, but everytime I went by he was flirting with the

Glad you had a good day you had certainly put lots of effort into that gorgeous stall.

Sue xx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sal,
Wasn't it just a truly phenominal day? And meeting you was a delight - I knew you would be a lovely lady! ;-))
I still keep thinking about the whole experience and can't get over how many people poured through those doors...and they were spending!! Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

Here's to the November fair, meeting up again, and hopefully having time to buy from each other next time...

Have a great week,
Niki x

LissyLou said...

It looks great! i wish i could have gone x

sue15cat said...

You've got an award to pick up over at my place.

Sue xx

Julie said...

hi Sal, it was lovely to meet you on Saturday - great post - it was a wonderful day. Hope you managed to avoid the traffic jams on the way back (we didn't, sadly). Julie x
PS You've got great taste in music - all the bands you list on your favourites are my absolute favourites too!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sal
It's so good to be back among all this colour, sunshine and floral goodness :o)

cocoa and blankets said...

I am so jealous everything looks glad you all had a fantastic H

Hen said...

Hi Sal,
Good to catch up with you again on Saturday and glad you had a super time. Your stall was wonderful and colourful. Did you get a chance to do any shopping yourself?
Hen x

BusyLizzie said...

fab, fab, fab piccies.. such a shame that we did not get chance to say more than a cheery Hello/Goodbye at the beginning & end of the day!!!
lizzie xxx

BlossomAndRoses said...

Hi Sal,

It was good to meet you & your hubby on Saturday. Your stall was fab, I really didn't know where to begin!!

Jess said...

Wow your pictures are wonderful it looks like such a an amazing day. I hope that crafting and making is catching on so much that all regions of the UK will have fairs like this, I'd love there to be one like that here in East Anglia

Jess said...

Thanks for visiting mine!! Manningtree is lovely. I love the little windy streets and the harbour. Still as small and perfectly formed as i'm sure it was in the 80s!