Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thursday Snippets! ;-)

It's been a funny old week because I've had all sorts of odds and ends to 'finish off' .
Firstly, I rescued this plant stand (bought earlier in the year at the recycling centre!) from the garden and I've cleaned it up and given it a fresh lick of paint..F&B Cooking Apple Green.

As you can see,we have a very small porch, which was recently decorated with the same Crown Apple Green paint with which we did the kitchen.
In spite of a few moans from Mr Snippets about ' A flippin' obstacle course', I have managed to pretty up my porch as best I can...with...

and a couple of decoupaged items....

..not forgetting a print of one of my favourite places, Winchester...where I sooo much want to visit this Christmas but whether that will happen...who knows! ;-)

When I was last there at Christmas time, I happened to walk into Winchester Cathedral just as the choir were starting to sing and it brought tears to my eyes, it was so lovely.

Meanwhile, I will take much pleasure from glancing at the pic whenever I open my front door.

Another of my 'little projects' was to finish this cupboard (below) for the kitchen.

It was way back in June when I found it lurking in a corner at Sarah's Lavender Box.

A bit of a sad and sorry state, Sarah let me have it for a 'snip' .

Moving on ... I have been beavering away putting the finishing touches to two clipboards which I was asked to make, recently. My instructions were that they had to be: ''Pink, glitzy and very very girlie!'

Finally, you might think that these Christmas bits and pieces (below) look like a load of old plastic rubbish!

In fact they are 34 years old and come from some of the table decorations which I had at my first wedding!!

Lets just say that the decorations lasted longer than the marriage..LOL! ;-)

Anyway, I saved them and lo and behold, when it was my turn for crafts last week,I bought some driftwood hearts and we decorated them using my old table decorations.

Lovely... and tacky..and great way to recycle!!

Next time, we're taking the scissors to that old wedding dress!!! (only joking)

Have a great day! ;-)


Floss said...

The porch is looking great, Sal - thos unusual ponsiettias are fantastic!

Guenievre said...

Hello !
your porch is small but charming ! I like the "painting" (watercolour ?..) on the wall.
Très réussis les clipboards !
Bonne journée
PS : nooo, don't cut your "old wedding dress" lol :-)))

Menopausal musing said...

Great post: The comment re the scissors and dress made me roar with laughter........ thank you! :O)))))))

Isobel said...

Love your porch. Really lovely!

Hen said...

Oh Sal, that cracked me, but now you've found true love which is very inspiring. Well, I'm loving the porch but when you mentioned "obstacle course" it made me titter as that's just the sort of comment that would be made around here! So good to see that like me, you just ignore it and get on with the beautifying...
Hen x

galant said...

Oh, so pretty, Sal! Love the pinks, greens and reds! In our previous home we had a dark red hall, and the passage off this was pink ... now you'd think that the two colours would've clashed, but they looked wonderful together. We had an archway between the two, and that was painted white so there was a point where red ended and pink began, but it all looked wonderful, especially at Christmas. One thing I used to do was spray dried Hydrangea heads with gold paint and they made excellent decorations.
Margaret P

THIS'N'THAT said...

It's all looking great. I can see how busy you've been. I'm having one of my rare days at home 'catching up' which actually means being paralysed with indecision re what to do next so on goes the kettle for cuppa and blog! :)
Lesley XX

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Sal

Great job with the porch it's looking pretty and bright. Lovely transformations.I wouldn't have thought of mixing all those poinsettias together but it works, I like it!
Isabelle x

Ellouise88 said...

Don't those poinsettias look lovely! I've given up with them, the leaves have always fallen off by Christmas! After having a bit of a 'to-do' with someone on the phone, your post made me laugh, especially about the obstacle course; that's what my husband says all the time.

Tea with Willow said...

Your hall looks so bright and inviting Sal .... mine just tends to be a dumping ground for boots, shoes and skateboards!

Willow x

Simone said...

You've been very busy Sal. I like the way that all the things in your porch co-ordinate. My hallway looks like a jumble sale!

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely planter, it looks great with the Poinsettias

The Weaver of Grass said...

What a lovely, jolly, heart-warming post, Sal. Mr Snippets sounds rather like the farmer - no eye for the clever bit of artistry lurking on the wall/in the corner/by the door! When I complete another art work the farmer sighs and says "Another nail in the wall, I expect" (still he fetches the hammer and gets on with putting it up.)

cocoa and blankets said...

everything looks fab Sal, I love the little cupboard....hope you and yours are well and you make that lovely always H

Florence and Mary said...

It feels like a week of odds and ends for me too... although you seem to have achieved much more than I have!

Victoria xx

Dolly said...

i just googled 'tubby trex' cos i got a trex cookery book recently, and am quite taken with good ol' tubby - guess who's old post was the first on the google search listing?

honestly, its like the universe doesn't want me to leave blogland! to ebay to look for a money box like yours now!

louise said...

The poinsettias look great. My MIL always buys one for me every Christmas. I am getting better at keeping them alive! As for obstacle courses around the place, they keep you fit! x

landcuckoo said...

Sal I love seeing pictures of your home, you have made it look so inviting with all your treasures and beautifully crafted and resotored items.
Sarah x

ginny said...

a great bit of recycling...can't wait to see what you do with the wedding dress too! (hee hee).
your porch is looking good (i love the colour)... i also adore Winchester... if you are ever up you must let us know and we can meet for tea and cake.
have a lovely weekend
ginny x

galant said...

Very pretty porch and love the painting/print of Winchester ... your story of going in as the choir was singing reminded me of a similar occurrence in 1984. We were staying in Long Melford (Suffolk) and had a trip to Bury St Edmunds. Whilst my husband took our two young sons onto the public bowling green, I wandered off into St Edmundsbury Cathedral. It was virtually empty - save for me and an organist practicing for a concert that evening. So I was treated to my very own organ recital and, as with 'your' choir, it brought tears to my eyes, the beauty of the music in such a gracious old building.
Margaret P