Saturday, 15 August 2009

My ambition in life is to...

You're driving along a country road and, all of a sudden, on the side of the road, you spy a table.

On the table will be flowers...or vegetables...or fruit ...or eggs.... etc. (Not forgetting an honesty box!)

You squeal with delight!

Well I always do!! ;-)

Last Sunday, when we went to RHS Rosemoor, there was the said table on the roadside, full of lovely flowers etc... but on our return, later in the day, the table and the country goodies had all gone. I should've struck whilst the iron was hot. I could've kicked myself.


Today, as we drove through our village, I noticed ...yes, you've guessed ...a table of beautiful flowers! But I had to wait until our return journey, by which time there were only two bunches left so I grabbed the Dahlias.

50P A BUNCH! Blimmin' gorgeous they are too.


I know that dear Mr S is somewhat amused at my antics at the best of times... and when I occasionally mention this ambition of mine, you should see his face...

You see, it is my dream to have such a table!

My problem is that I don't live by a road, although there is a right of way alongside our property, it's not that busy.

I did try it once, last year...noone bought a thing... and the other people in my house laughed at me!! ;-(

But I'm determined to have such a table, one day!
Until then, I will just have to be content with being a customer!

I hope you like today's header, provided again by my friend Margaret! Lovely 'n cheery eh?!

And the purple pink flowers were a gift from another friend, Jane.

Have a grand weekend...and keep a look out for those country tables!



KC'sCourt! said...

You know what they say.........Things come to those who wait! Have you ever done a boot fair? I expect you have, but, what I am saying is have your table there! There is a couple who do just that at our local bootfair.

silverpebble said...

Oh I squeal like that too! Mr P though does not. Sometimes he pretends not to see the roadside treasure. Hmm. Dahlias! How lucky to find a roadside bucket with those in!

BusyLizzie said...

I love those roadside tables too! Your header is gorgeous I have to confess I have a bit of a struggle with changing those, although I think I did OK with my new blog.. The Dollshouse Diaries.... Have a lovely weekend. Lizzie x

Lalabi-baby said...

Just the thing to brighten up a dull drizzly morning Sal .... we would never see that sort of thing round here ..... some toerag would nick the lot sadly ! I am gutted .... was looking forward to a wander round the car boot and spose I'll have to do some housework now instead ;-)

Menopausal musing said...

Sal, I love these tables too. Have been sat here trying to analyse just what it is that is so attractive about them. I think it comes down to appreciation: appreciation that someone has put effort and love into growing the plants, feeding the chickens or making the jam and then when they have excess, wishing to share it. My grandmother used to leave honey still on the comb on a table and we used to meet some lovely people when they stopped and we just happened to be nearby. Have a lovely weekend.x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

I love the jolly red header collage, its gorgeous. I think of your blog as a virtual table by the road! Love Sarah x

Guenievre said...

Hello !
I like your header !
Dahlias in my garden are just in buds at the moment.
Have a very nice week-end with your family !

Rubys mamma x said...

Ah Sal, im so glad we share this ambition! There are two ladies just up the road from me who have a lovely table, lots of eggs, logs, plants and cut flowers, daffs in spring, dhalias in summer, i absolutely love it. Although this morning i culdnt go as im a little hungover from a great night out! The lady has put a sign there now saying that they have installed a camera in the tree(which is clearly visible)due to constant stealing!!! makes me so mad that it would happen in our village, but we have a car boot every sat very near the stall which is always full of chavs so i suspect they're the culprits!
Kirsty xxx

Wild Rose said...

Aren't they wonderful? I am always amazed at the incredible prices. Living in the city, I don't come across them, but I'm always on the lookout for them when we venture out into the countryside.

Beautiful flowers! Enjoy your weekend.

Marie x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Sal,

I'll let you in to a secret, I share the same dream. I so love the idea of it as I get so much pleasure from finding such tables on my travels around the countryside. Just like you though, it is pretty quiet on the traffic front and only get 2 or 3 walkers a day. I suppose that if I don't try I won't know if it will work. I go out prepared now. I take a bottle of water with me and a jam jar just in case I should find some flowers to buy by the side of the road.
Your post really struck a chord with me, I'm not the only one to feel that way!
Take care
Have a great weekend
Isabelle x

Hens Teeth said...

It's because you are the kind of person that appreciates a good garden and the produce it supplies. The time, love and care that goes into helping mother nature do her thing. Lovely post Sal.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sal - you always bring a smile to my face. I too would love a table but down our lane the only traffic is tractors pulling things and the odd neighbour's car - and anything I can sell they can grow for themselves. Love the header and I do revel in the pinkness of your site! Have a good weekend.

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

I wish there were more people round my way with road side tables, I would love to buy flowers and produce from locals. You flowers are beautiful.
Hope lost more tables apear in your travels.
Love Sophie xxx

Rosie said...

I love those road side honesty tables- there used to be loads of them when we lived in Lincolnshire - we always stopped for a cauliflower and carrots or a bunch of tulips. Why don't you make a few pretty posters and pop them up around where you live - I bet folks would take the time to either ride or walk down your lane to buy home made/grown produce:)

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh Sal, how wonderfully delicious to find such fabulous tables of gorgeousness!! I am a huge fan of road side tables...we use to make lemonade and sell it when we were children. Oh those were the days....have a glorious weekend...much love Jane xxxxx

Florence and Mary said...

Now I want to go driving around looking for such a table!!

Victoria xx

Miaou said...

I love those tables too, though you don't see many up here in Caithness - too windy!

Felicity said...

you should have a table! id pop by! i might have to follow you home though and peek at all your goodies!! (meant that in a non blog stalker way!! he he!!)
everyone in my house and neighbours always laugh at me, i was arranging my bunting on the old back door whilst our younger neighbours were in and out of their garden, and last week my other neighbour caught me half making a wig wham to her surprise!! he he!! fliss xx

summerfete said...


this is my patch said...

Do you know Sal, it is my dream to have such a table too. I often have surplus plants, but I live in a close, so I am not sure how it would go down with the neighbours. If I ever get my little country cottage one day, it will be the first thing I do! I love dahlias and want an allotment to grow them in. x

Anonymous said...

Me too! It seems that we all want tables!
Sue x

Professor A B Yaffle said...

Gyspy Rose Lee
Pales into insignificance when compared to Mrs S

Carol said...

Hi Sal I am well, sort of! tired and i open your blog and there before my eyes is a most beautiful and lots of it.
I love it when I come across a little table of goodies. But I get someone pulling at my arm...come on you do not need more!
Don't you just hate it when they do that!

cocoa and blankets said...

My ambition in life is to have the body of a least yours is attainable.....have a happy week...H

re said...

I think that lots of us would like to have such a table, unfortunately I also think that lots of us might end up with nothing to sell and no honesty box if you see what I mean.