Sunday, 12 April 2009

A surprise Easter visitor!! ;-)

I was not going to blog today!!
However, there I am, in my kitchen, minding my own business (unusual for me!! ), preparing Easter lunch for my family.

I am debating...which china to use. Decisions,decisions!

This is Poole Pottery and I collected it many years ago.

It's called 'Springtime'.

The odd thing is that I always think it looks more like 'Summertime'

And then I look at this...

I am always puzzled by this.
It has daffodils on it... but the leaves are very autumnal.

I bought it from Amanda, years ago.

And then, amidst all of this Easter loveliness.... the doorbell rings!

I knew I had guests coming...'But please, not this early,' I thought.

I look up.

And who do you think is walking across my hallway?

T'is Peter!

And we all know where we have seen him before, don't we?
If you can't is a reminder ;-)

Followed by... Amanda.... (who has the wonderful Totnes stall!!)

What a surprise! (I do love surprises!)

She's carrying a pretty bag, which also includes the most gorgeous 'rosebud' tea cup and saucer... and a chocolate Easter nest...all beautifully wrapped...Amanda always does things so beautifully!

And I am so very touched that Amanda paid me a visit, on Easter Sunday morning, to say 'thank you' for my last blog post.

I have probably mentioned this before...
I have known Amanda for quite a few years and I was her first customer, when she was just starting out, selling a few lovely vintage /shabby chic/gorgeous bits and pieces, from her small basket of wares.

Little things like this...

After that, she progressed to a stall in a local antiques centre, in the town where I live.
Amanda's gift of 'display' came into its own and her stall was a joy to view. It gave me so much pleasure to pop in , regularly!

And now, of course, she is at Totnes market, on Fridays and Saturdays...

and Shepton Mallet, quite frequently!
From that little basket of goodies, Amanda has gone from strength to strength!

(Great oaks from little acorns grow, eh Amanda?!! ;-)
And as I was saying, I was so touched, that me being me, shed a tear or two... after she had gone of course!

As for Peter....he soon made himself very much at home in my study and, having read about the things he gets up to, I reckon I'll need to keep a very tight rein on him, don't you?

One thing's for sure...the children will love him and I'll get some wonderful creative writing from this new addition to the family!!

Thank you so much Amanda!

Your lovely stall gives pleasure to ever so many, even though they can't always be with you in person!!



JackieM said...

How wonderful Sal, what a brilliant Easter visitor, to bring such wonderful things and Amanda with him too, good old Peter! I love the story of how you were Amanda's first customer and I'm sure she appreciated all the encouragement you gave her, too. Thanks for a lovely post and I hope you all enjoyed your Easter lunch. JackieMxx

Carol said...

So lucky Sal he is adorable. He is knitted isn't he ? I am sure he will love his new home.
I still have my babies little Potter toys, although Katie has taken one Peter Rabbit home for Jude as he is musical so nice to listen to at cot time!
Carol x

Josie-Mary said...

How kind of her, I'm looking forward to seeing her stall :)x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Mr Custard was only saying today.. that there are far more wonderful and good people in the world than is just that we only hear about the bad eggs usually!
What a wonderful gesture Sal.. and from such a kind hearted person.
Peter Rabbit has landed very much on his paws and found a good home...and well deserved.
Happy Easter Sal..
Michele xx

Nichocacola said...

Haha, Peter Rabbit looks right at home, although perhaps a little confused, in his new chair, surrounded by books about himself! This was a lovely gesture :)

Anonymous said...

how lovely Sal.. your own Peter rabbit.
A very Happy Easter to you all.
p.s. I love your header picture... it is just gorgeous!
with love
Ginny x

Tristan said...

Thanks for the post Sal - unfortunately the picture was not from an old book of mine (although I would love to own it!) It's from a website which has public domain religious clipart :-)

Peter looks great and very at home on those comfy cushions!

Tris :-D

LissyLou said...

What a lovely surprise!! x

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Love Peter! He is quite lovely. Is he handmade?

Very nice, you lucky girl.

Btw, our Peter (choccy) was eaten by the dog last night!

Poor wee one had no chocolate bunny this morning only eggs to fetch.

Have a great week,


Vintage Tea said...

What a lovely surprise! I can see why that would brighten up an Easter morning.

Victoria xx

Rowan said...

Oh lucky you to have Peter Rabbit coming to live with you! What a lovely gift, I really do wish I lived near enough to visit Amanda's stall.

Curlew Country said...

One day I will get to Totnes - I must!

what a fab Easter display Sal, must have taken you ages. I'm seriously impressed.

Hope you're getting more of this lovely weather - can you believe how beautiful it been? Have a smashing Bank Holiday.

silverpebble said...

What a fabulous surprise Sal - you lucky lady - sometimes people are so unexpectedly kind aren't they? A friend stayed with me in hospital with MissP1 last week. She simply wouldn't go home until we knew the prognosis. Wonderful. Emma x

Kitty said...

Awwww, what a lovely surprise. Aren't people fabulous? Little acts (or not so little acts) of kindness like that are what make the world a good place.

Hope you and your family are having a lovely weekend.


Menopausal musing said...

How lovely that Peter Rabbit should visit on Easter Sunday. Very, very fitting. x

Floss said...

Wasn't that lovely! I can see why Amanda is grateful - so many people read your blog and many are in striking distance of Totnes. By being genuinely appreciative of her stall, you provide a wonderful endorsement to a lot of potential shoppers - I know I'd visit her like a shot if I was in the area!

galant said...

Oh, I love Peter! And what a lovely surprise visit!
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

Awwhh Sal...what can I've got 'me' in floods now!!! We're a soppy bunch are'nt we?!!
I would like to tell your lovely readers (only I don't have a blog!) that 'our Sal' is one of the most kind, generous, caring, inspiring and encouraging ladies that I have ever met. I first got to know her when she lived in my village and taught my son english over ten years ago now. So friendly, right from the start and as Sal has told you, she literally did become my very first customer when she encouraged me to show her a few crafty things that I had been making. I was amazed when she said she would like to buy some and from there she's supported and encouraged me every step of the way.
Sal, you are one of a kind. A lovely lady with a very big heart and anyone who has you as a friend should be very proud indeed!
With love
Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

sue15cat said...

What a lovely surprise, and what a truly lovely lady she sounds. Her stall looked beautiful and your post did it justice with those gorgeous photos.

Happy Easter.

Sue xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely Easter surprise! Amanda sounds like a wonderful, thoughtful friend & certainly has some pretty goodies.

funkymonkey said...

Oh bless! I'm sure Peter is right at home by now. What a lovely, lovely thing Amanda did for you. I say to Mr Funky that the blogging community is my bit of Lark Rise - and I'm sure it's true.


Shabby Chick said...

Ahhh that's lovely! I am v jealous of the tea cup and saucer ;)

Hope the day carried on as well as it started.