Friday, 10 April 2009

Devon delights!!

Today, Nich and I whizzed to Totnes, on the train.
It only takes ten minutes down the line and we were there in a flash...thankfully!
The train was packed and it was standing room only.
But oh my, it was well worth the journey!

Feast your eyes on this lot, bloggers!
I would suggest you get a cuppa and sit down very comfortably!
This might take some time!

This is Amanda's stall..and it gets better every time I visit!
But today, we were in for a real treat, as Amanda, her lovely mum...and Hesta (of Green Glamour fame!)... were all there to greet us!!
Along with...

Don't you just love him?
There was so much gorgeousness surrounding us!

I really didn't know which way to turn!
Well ,would you?

And as for Hesta's little table...just look at this beautiful little shoe!!

I do so love Totnes!

I am sure that, after savouring that lot, tonight I will have plenty of...

But that's not all!

I had a small spend! Well wouldn't you ? ;-)

I thought that this picture was so lovely..

As was this embroidery...
A couple of pretty tablecloths...
Some children's puzzle blocks, for my 'classroom'...
4 pretty hankies!

And a gorgeous little pinny from Hesta

And last but not least...

Well, I had to , didn't I?

But..I have not really finished as then we went off around the corner to see Lesley at..

This 'n That!!

It will be on my blog in a day or two it's another longish 'photo loaded' post, full of more vintage delights...!


A good day? I should say so!

Oh and thanks Nich for being so very, very patient!! ;-)

(You deserve a medal!)



BusyLizzie said...

Hi sal
What a lovely day you had! Amanada always makes her stall look special.. as does Hesta! I wonder if they will be at the Exeter Flea tomorrow morning???
Have a lovely weekend, Lizzie x

Cowboys and Custard said...

What a lovely collection and certainly brightened up this dull day..
I remember having one of those little doll carry cots.. just the same..
It is always a pleasure to meet up with fellow bloggers and Hesta is such a lovely lady..
I hope to meet Amanda again one day on our next jaunt to Totnes..

Michele x

Simone said...

You definitely had to buy the sweet sally sewing set! My favourite thing of all is the dolls carry cot!

Country Cottage Chic said...

What fabulous things! I love the little carry cot!

Your picture is lovely too. Oh! I have those little sewing sets in my shop - I've just got them in!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Oh wow! what lovely items there. perked my day up. Thanks

sue15cat said...

Wow!! So much gorgeousness in one place, thanks for sharing, I'll have to get to Totnes one day.

Sue xx

Mouse said...

Oh what lovely things :0) the picture is just lovely. Wish there had been something like that near me, what a great day out, thanks for the pics, really enjoyed looking at them, brightened up my day. x

silverpebble said...

Oof, too much precious treasure for me - I need a lie down. Marvellous finds you have there - oh how I wish there were stals like this in my neck o' the woods. Emma x

Anonymous said...

WOW and DOUBLE WOW!!! THANKYOU SAL for such a wonderful post and such brilliant photos! I never realised that you had taken so many...they are all so good (((BIG HUG)))
So lovely to see you and Nich and I'm so pleased that you had a great Totnes 'fix' today!
Enjoy a great Easter weekend!
Lots of love and HUGE THANKS again...
Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Elizabeth said...

I've only been to Totnes once but I remember it being a lovely little town with some fabulous tea rooms. Nice purchases, and what a gorgeous array of things to choose from.

LissyLou said...

Oh my goodness, i am so jealous!! When are those stalls in Totnes and where?? i want to go when i come down that way in August!!
Those blocks flooded back memories for me, i had them as a child!! xx

Carol said...

Hi Sal, well you were so right, it was a lovely little tour and so many gorgeous things. I would have been in heaven!
I love the union jack bunting, just what I need for the campervan, do you know where I can get some?
Have a lovely Easter Weekend with you family.
Carol xxx

Debbie said...

Thanks Sal - enjoy your weekend too ... wow what a stall ... I love the Peter Rabbit and everything else too really!! x

Wild Rose said...

Talk about eye candy! I am glad that I sat down with that cuppa so that I could savour these wonderful photographs.

Happy Easter Sal

Marie x

JackieM said...

What fab photos Sal, I wish I could have been there, so much gorgeousness, I especially love the picture of the little girl, so sweet. Thanks for sharing your lovely outing with us and a Happy Easter to you and your family.

Heart in the country said...

What a fantastic day. I love the embroidery and the fabric teddies, and the hearts and ............. :0)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow what a lovely day you had surrounded by all them gorgeous things, what a lovely blog you have will pop by more x

Rowan said...

What a wonderful stall Amanda has - te rabbit, that gorgeous tiny little basket, those fabulous flowery cards - I'm seriously considering taking the next train to Totnes! It's slightly longer than 10 minutes for me though:)

Hen said...

Looks fab, Sal. I will have to wait until after our hols to see your post about Lesley's shop!

Have a great Easter.
Hen x

Anonymous said...

WOW, what a spectacular time you have had! I am so jealous. I could have spent alot there I'm sure. I love ALL your buys.

Country Bliss said...

Fab items there, I would want it all. Can't wait until the summer so I can visit Totnes again.
Yvonne x

Tea with Willow said...

Ooooh, your photos have cheered up this grey morning! ... but they've made me want to go out and spend!! Have a happy Easter with your family!

Willow xx

Josie-Mary said...

I was off yesterday but I didn't think the market would be on, I would've loved to have come with you. I like the bunting, so many nice things. I'll let you know when I've got another friday off :) x

Menopausal musing said...

So much loveliness...... I especially liked the hankies. x

Kitty said...

I do enjoy your photo-filled posts. So much loveliness all in one place. Keep up the brilliant work. x

Rosie said...

Wish I could get there in 10 minutes, I think, like you I wouldn't know where to look first - another wonderful 'feast for the eyes' post - thankyou:)

funkymonkey said...

Wow! I think I would have just bought everything on the stall it all looks so amazing. Happy Easter Sal.


Pixiedust said...

Lovely eye candy, thanks for letting us see the pics. xxx

Floss said...

Great photos - I can bear to look at them now I've had my UK shopping fix! Thanks!
Happy Easter!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

What a beautiful post! Amanda has such a great stand!!! Does she have a blog? I saw her stand featured on HenHouse blog some time ago and thought I must go there. I love Totnes such a great place. Your photos really make me want to go there NOW! Thank you for the wonderful taster pictures. You have made very good purchases. Given the chance I would have boughtmany of the items that your purchased including the picture.
Have a great Easter!
Isabelle x

Leisa said...

What a wonderful day you have had in Totnes. What a fantastic market it must be. Your photos are just beautiful - I enjoyed them so much. Happy Easter.

Mary said...

Easter Blessings Sal and family - hope you're enjoying the sunny weather. That trip to Totnes had my pulse racing - wish I could have been there! Lovely things to view - would have been hard to keep my money in my purse!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Beeeauuuuttiffful!!!!! Wish I could go there now!! Lovely post, will have to visit Totnes some day!!!

Enjoy your Easter : )

Sharon xx

KC'sCourt! said...

Just found your blog! Brought back many many memories. We always went to Totnes at Easter, always very early just to get a parking space! Lovely market, always spent more than intended to!
My parents lived at Dittisham pre 2001 so always went to Totnes whenever we could.