Thursday, 12 February 2009

Taking the liberty ...and looking forward to something BIG!!

Journeys to the craft room have had to be somewhat curtailed these last few days as there seem to be a number of children who are behind with their GCSE English Lit coursework!!
Why is it always boys? ;-)
The latest addition to my English classes came along last night.He has 5 pieces of work to do in only just over 10 days. OMG!
Added to his problems, he said he supported Exeter City and Man Utd.
Poor lad ;-)
I hope he gets over it one day! LOL
Picking myself up from the floor, having heard that, I spent the rest of the lesson with gritted teeth...glaring and snarling at him....I am only joking of course.
I have devoted the whole morning writing..err I mean planning.. his English Media essay.
Hence the lack of crafting.
That done, I took the liberty or should I say some small pieces of Liberty fabrics ,along with some felt pieces..and played around.
Pin cushions!

Well they might be... when I've finished with media and Macbeth!

Nowhere near finished but you get the gist.

There is just not enough time in the day,is there?!!
But wait!!
I have something I must share..!!
I received an email from my sister yesterday!.....
Her hubby is off to Bristol to watch Southampton play footy (well they try to but are not very good at it!) on Saturday and ...(ooooh wait for this)..did I want to go as well..and we could go shopping together in Clifton and make our way down to Park Street where waiting for us will be...
Did I want to go?!!
With birthday dosh to spend, what do you think I said?
And Dear Mr Snippets is quite happy to have some peace and quiet and watch the endless amounts of rugby on the tv.
Anyway, I have another essay to plan ..and a CK catalogue to browse...and my Country Living to read...but maybe not in that order !!
Hope your day is going well!! ;-)
(Roll on Saturday!) ;-)


The Weaver of Grass said...

Sal - my goodness me, when you begin your stuff you certainly get on with it! I have loads of bits of Liberty I have collected over the years but never get round to doing anything with them. So Mr Snippet is a Rugby fan? Well there's plenty to keep him quiet at the moment isn't there? As for the Macbeth essays - having taught it for nnumber of years I think I almost know it off by heart - so if you get stuck!!! Enjoy your weekend (if you can get there - it is snowing like mad here in N Yorkshire)' Don't know about you but I have taken Country Living ever since the first edition and i find there gets less and less to read - I am through it in half an hour.

Mr Snippets said...

I have heard of the St Valentine's Day massacre but not the Valentine's Day abandonment of a poor craft widower
I wonder if I would have been allowed to be elsewhere alone on such a special day
I only said I was content to watch the rugby so as to appear macho
Actually I will be honing the pinking shears and probably rewinding all the bobbins .

LittleGem said...

Ooh I have been to the Bristol shop, its a lovely layout! Hope you show us your purchases! Lovely little pincushions, you are so clever Sal! x

MelMel said...

Oh lovely Liberty fabric!

How super to go and visit CK....have a wonderful time!xxxxx

Please if your allowed can you take some pictures, I'd love to see it!xxx

Kitty said...

Those pin cushions are going to be gorgeous. As for Saturday - have a wonderful time! I'll be watching the rugby, like Mr Snippets. x

vivwild said...

Sal, reading your blog about pupils with missing coursework, made me think that maybe I might have some resources that could be useful to you. If there is any resources/ideas/tasks you want in KS3 and 4 English, Literature or Media Studies, and KS5 English language - then just ask.

Rosesposes said...

OOOh yes of course you must definaetely go!!. I think lots of bloggers will come too ! x Dom

LissyLou said...

I have an award for you. xx

Shabby Chick said...

Um, so you've not done much crafting then!!! :P

I always used to do my school work at the last minute as well but I never expected the teacher to help!

Mel xxx

MarmaladeRose said...

Lots of lovelyness as usual. Have a great weekend. Don't forget your camera.

She'sSewPretty said...

tee hee...I am laughing at Mr. Snippet's comments. My hubby never reads my blog. Have a wonderful time this weekend. I wish we had a Ck store here!

Country Bliss said...

Thankfully my daughter has all her course work up to date or life would be less peaceful here!
That's a lot of pincushions, looking great.
Enjoy the shopping.
Yvonne x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Yes, it's always boys! My Boy is in year 10 & starting with exams - he doesn't seem to do much revision yet just got an A8 for physics - maybe the computer games hone their brains??

The CK in Bristol is my "local" shop - it's very nice. Conveniently, in the same area there is also a big Borders bookshop with a Paperchase concession upstairs, a Cafe Rouge for a nice cup of coffee plus the Bristol museum which is free & often has interesting new exhibitions.

Have fun!

Rosie said...

In case it is bad luck to mention the name of 'the scottish play' on Friday 13th I'll move swiftly on and say that the pin cushions are lovely I hope you have a super day in Bristol tomorrow - Clifton is wonderful:)

Shirl said...

Beautiful pin cushions. Have a lovely time tomorrow! ... :0)

cocoa and blankets said...

I cant believe how much you make must have a lot of storage space...I spent a lovely hour in Caths on monday there are some lovely new products...happy shopping.....