Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Divorced,beheaded,died,divorced,beheaded....!! And crafts ;-)

This is a crafting post..almost... but I must just say that I get a huge amount of fun from reading one or two sports writers! My favourite is Oliver Holt but today,however,I think he has been beaten fair and square by Simon Barnes of The Times...who writes:

''.... if a World Cup-winning coach isn't good enough for you, where the hell are you going to go for the next one? Chelsea have reached the limit of human possibility in their quest for the right man. The logical next step is to hire an archangel. But a few months down the line and it'll be,
"Out you go, Gabriel. What do you know about routing the forces of the ungodly? You've lost the dressing-room, you've mislaid the owner, your press conferences are crap and, besides, we're not the most successful club in the world and that proves you're rubbish."
You have to laugh, don't you (unless you are a Chelski fan!)?
And then this:

''When a man presents you to his fifth wife, you don't wonder what was wrong with the previous four; you wonder what's wrong with the bloke. And when a football club get rid of four top managers in half a dozen seasons - well, you don't wonder what's wrong with the managers, do you? ''
Oooh brilliant writing !
Yeah, it might be gutting for Scolari's pride but before anyone feels sorry for him remember that nice fat cheque he will walk away with !! ;-)
And there, is all that I hate about football!
And now, on to crafting!
Funnily enough, blue is the colour today...!! ;-)

I found another lovely tea towel at the weekend ;-)

I felt quite bad making that first cut!

Note... blues and purples this time!

Makes a change from the usual reds and pinks which seem to dominate my blog...

I'm not too sure what to put in them yet..Lavender? Soaps? Pot Pourri?

I'll think on!

A long, long time ago ( I can still remember! ) I bought some different coloured cotton fabric...and never used it.

I think because it was such a good selection of colours,I was reluctant to do anything with it and just stashed it away.

The other day I discovered it.

It's fatal when I discover things as my mind goes into overdrive .

Anyway, I hit upon this idea that I would make....'Patchwork in a bag'.

This was prompted by 'crazy patchwork'.

Everyone is doing it!

I was meant to be doing it too..at last Tuesday's craft morning but that was cancelled due to the weather and so I did these instead...

You get 12 lovely 5'' patchwork squares ; thread; pins; a needle etc..all in a bag.

And there you have it..patchwork in a bag;-)

So if you want a 'taster' but don't want to buy loads of fabric, they are in my shop..at a snip ;-)

And now I am off to do my crazy patchwork at today's craft morning ..oh and also scan the job pages..oh look here is one...

'Mug wanted, must speak fluent Russian...and a knowledge of Czech,Serbian,Portuguese,Italian,German, French etc etc etc, is useful! ;-)English not essential as little is spoken during the day.

Probably only short term...so don't think of buying a house, just rent one.'

Location very handy for Cath Kidston..so will keep your OH happy'

Apply asap.



Cowboys and Custard said...

I feel positively slothful next to you Sal..
Do you sew in your sleep??

Love your Flora Doodles.. they are perfect for your little bags.. made for them!

Michele xx

Josie-Mary said...

Love the patchwork in a bag.... I'm trying to decide on a colour!!
The job sounds good.... LOL!!! Have a great craft morning :)

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Woman - you are a genius! Those patchwork-in-a-bag kits are gorgeous. Inspired!
And as for your job advert - my hubbie gets made redundant at the end of March. I may get him to apply. He knows nothing about football so is adequately qualified!! :O)

Shabby Chick said...

Oh Sal, you are a temptress, I've done my usual trick and spent all my money (and then some!) at the start of them month and then have nothing left for the rest! I made one thing last night, you put me to shame!

Mel xxx

cocoa and blankets said...

Sal you are amazing how do you make all these wonderful things...love the patchwork bags what a great idea... happy tuesday...I am always so glad when it is over...I have horrid classes on tuesday afternoon...love H

Kitty said...

You are possibly the most industrious crafter on the planet?! Brilliant 'makes'.

As for Scolari ... a £7m payoff for a 7 month 'gig'. It's outrageous isn't it? Obscene. Mr Abramovich apparently said this morning that he never really liked Scolari anyway :-O

I wonder who will take up the poisoned chalice? I'm kind of glad I'm not a Chelski fan.


Kitschen Pink said...

Loving it all. I've never laughed about football and have no idea who these people are but what a great writer! Great idea with the patchwork. I wrote a basic tutorial for Crazy patchwork - there is a link in my sidebar. t.xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely stuff as always Sal.
twiggy x

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hi Chick! Pop over to my blog and pick up your deserved award!...Your Blog Rocks!

Love Happy xx

Rosie said...

No wonder you don't have time to make that marmalade, Sal - the little bags are great what about Lavender in the blue and rose pot pourri in the pink ones. Like the little bags of squares too:)

funkymonkey said...

Great piece of football writing. Guess Villa will get the backlash now with Chelsea's new manager on board!