Saturday, 17 January 2009

MA (Exeter) Landscape Archaeology

The scene was set....

The band started up....

All we needed now were the 'performers' and of course an audience!

I was there to celebrate a certain young man's further achievements.

Like a mum at her child's first sports day , I was just looking out for my little dear ;-)
But the Chancellor of Exeter University, Floella Benjamin,(remember her of 'Playschool' fame all those years ago?)..well she was looking out for them ALL. She greeted them all in such a way to make them feel so special and her speech was lovely...similar to last time but very lovely.
And she is so beautiful .

Floella wants every Exeter student to go out into the world with the 4 'C's...
More about her (makes interesting reading does this) :
I was sitting up in the balcony and couldn't get many decent flash allowed!! ;-(
Back to the Graduation Ceremony...
Soon it was Nich's turn ...

Apparently, Floella told him what a lovely smile he had...!
To which he replied...
' My mum has still got plenty of Ikea Rosali fabric at home if you are interested.'

(Just joking with that bit! LOL)

And now I'm back home blogging this..whilst he is, hopefully, having one helluva time
 at the Post Grad Ball ! ;-) 


He sure deserves it !

Go Nich!!
And thank you for a wonderful day ;-)


thriftymrs said...

Wow well done him! What a feat and what a nice way to be celebrated.
I fainted at my MA grad which was fun. Haha!

Margaret's Ramblings said...

May I be the first to say congratulaions and well done. And you should be so proud. I'm really pleased for you. My daughter is currently studing with the Open University and when she got 96% on her last TMA I just wanted to ring the national press and let them know. LOL. Margaret

Shabby Chick said...

Well done Nich, that's amazing. Floella was my childhood heroine so I am v jealous!

And hey, no giving away any Rosali until I know mine's safely sent off ;)

Mel xxx

Lavender hearts said...

Wow, it's so nice that you post about your son - you obviously are so proud of him. My folks are quite blazay about my degrees and all! They weren't going to come to my first graduation ceremony! It's nice to see such a supportive mum! :-)

Josie-Mary said...

Looks like a good day was had by all.... congratulations to Nich, hope he's not feeling rough today!!
Did you shed a tear??? :) x

Lazylol said...

Congratulations to your lad - you must be very proud of him.

Andrea said...

Aaaahh, well done him, lets hope he isn't suffering too much today with a bad head!! x

Rosie said...

What a great post. You and Mr Snippets must be so proud. Congratulations to Nich and Floella is right he does have a lovely smile. x

Tea with Willow said...

What a fantastic achievement! You must be so very proud of him, and it's lovely that you were there to help him celebrate the day ... he'll never forget it I'm sure!
Willow xx

Shirl said...

Well done Nich on his achievement. It's a little strange to think of Floella in this role instead of on children's telly! ... ;0)

Mary said...

Congratulations to your baby!! Wow Nich, what an achievement - I know you and Terry are so proud of him.

Hope life in the village is good. The shop closings in TQY are sad news - but now I see Waitrose is actually coming to Devon and taking over the Somerfield's location in St. Marychurch!

I'm finding the history of Heathrow most interesting - never knew what a sad story the making of the airport was, and now the continuation of the expansion is quite frightening. We definitely need to return to sea travel, the skies juggling planes left and right, and desecration of the land has to stop somewhere.

Happy New Year to you all.

Bobbie Lynn said...

A big "Congratulations". : )
Thank you for sharing Sal

Sea Angels said...

Fantastic Sal....what a wonderful really is superb..our children bring us so much pleasure,
Hugs Lynn x

Simone said...

I bet you felt so full of pride. I bet he was proud to have you there supporting him too.

MelMel said...

Thank you hun!xx

Rosie said...

Many congratulations to Nich, what a wonderful day you had - you must have been bursting with pride:)

Sal said...

Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments ;-)Sal

viv wild said...

You must be so proud of him. Didn't he look so smart?

Cowboys and Custard said...

You must have been bursting with pride Sal..
Your son has done you proud and himself of course.
I know for sure that I would have been a soggy mess by the end of the ceremony!
Those 4 C's are the best qualities and tools for a happy and successful life.. I shall read more of Floella's wisdom..

Michele x