Friday, 2 January 2009

From the ' Sick Bay '....

My head, it hurts,
My legs, they ache,
My nose is full of goo.
I'm lying here, in my bed,
With the bl**dy flu!


It's worse when you're a woman,
You have a house to run,
You just can't take time out
like this,
There's housework to be done! ;-)


I've drunk most of South West's water,
Thank god I have a filter!
Cos it tastes foul,
But needs must,cos
My body's out of kilter!


In fact, my body does not know
Which way it should turn,
I can't get comfy,
I can't keep cool,
See my body, burn!


I am so hot!
(But not like that! ;-)
I'm sweating...shivering too,
I have one wish for 2009:
Rid me of this flu!


I couldn't sleep last night,
Know what I did instead?
I wrote this poem
for my blog,
Did it in my head!


But now I'm stuck
For this last verse
Oh what am I
to do?
Well what do you expect?
I've got the bl**dy flu!

(But I am getting a bit better... as I'm managing to read a few blogs today ;-)

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Wishing you...

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful New Year.
Love, Sal ;-)

Monday, 29 December 2008

The English Pier

The English icon of England and a reminder of the Victorian age.
The original idea of the pier was so that people could take the sea air, whilst promenading.
Peculiarly English, the pier has attracted people of all ages, for years...and so noone likes to see the above scene.
But that's what happened to the pier at Weston Super Mare, back in the summer.
And so the pier would never be the same again.
However, something good has arisen out of those ashes.
A competition was held and various firms submitted their proposals for the new design for the Weston pier.
Angus Meek Architects was one of those firms and after fierce competition were selected as the winner of the competition for the reconstruction of the Grand Pier Pavilion.

This was the people's choice.
The firm's aim was to provide a thoroughly contemporary building yet to continue the tradition of the English Pier Pavilion at Weston-super-Mare (which I think is so important) .

You may be wondering what this has to do with me..!

Well these lovely designs are the work of my nephew, Andrew, who just so happens to work for Angus Meek.

And through my door just before Christmas came this set of postcards.
He always maintained he did 'colouring in' for a living! Now I know !
It will be interesting to see the finished article...and then, hopefully, there will be much more promenading on the pier for many years to come.
Thanks Andrew!