Monday, 29 December 2008

The English Pier

The English icon of England and a reminder of the Victorian age.
The original idea of the pier was so that people could take the sea air, whilst promenading.
Peculiarly English, the pier has attracted people of all ages, for years...and so noone likes to see the above scene.
But that's what happened to the pier at Weston Super Mare, back in the summer.
And so the pier would never be the same again.
However, something good has arisen out of those ashes.
A competition was held and various firms submitted their proposals for the new design for the Weston pier.
Angus Meek Architects was one of those firms and after fierce competition were selected as the winner of the competition for the reconstruction of the Grand Pier Pavilion.

This was the people's choice.
The firm's aim was to provide a thoroughly contemporary building yet to continue the tradition of the English Pier Pavilion at Weston-super-Mare (which I think is so important) .

You may be wondering what this has to do with me..!

Well these lovely designs are the work of my nephew, Andrew, who just so happens to work for Angus Meek.

And through my door just before Christmas came this set of postcards.
He always maintained he did 'colouring in' for a living! Now I know !
It will be interesting to see the finished article...and then, hopefully, there will be much more promenading on the pier for many years to come.
Thanks Andrew!


Sea Angels said...

Wow Sal!! These cards are very impressive..initially I thought they were vintage...then I read must be very proud of your nephew they are lovely.
Have a super New Year.
Hugs Lynn xx

MelMel said...

Morning.....i have a weakness for summer days walking along them....xx

cocoa and blankets said...

morning Sal...fab postcards! they are lovely...and he kept in all the lines too!! Did you get anything from the sale..I managed to find a few bits in the hardly what I would call a sale. My friend who makes their lables says its because they have had the best year ever and the credit crunch has not effected them so they dont need to do a sale. HUMPH! How is your Mum now? on the mend I hope.

galant said...

Wonderful illustrations! Just love 'em. And if you (and readers of this comments column) like piers, there is a great book by Shire Books on Piers (Shire are now owned by Osprey Books; they've recently had a bit of an overhaul in their cover design but they are still great books on esoteric and unusual subjects and are very good value for money. No, I don't hold shares in the company - I just love their books!)
Margaret Powling

funkymonkey said...

I was really sad when the pier burnt down as we often holidayed at Weston when I was small. Next to the donkeys the pier was my favourite thing. We used to go on the pier every evening and I can remember spending my pocket money on the slot machines. The postcards look great - your nephew does a great job with the crayons!

I hope your Mum is better soon.


Kitty said...

Wow - how cool is that? Brilliant postcards, and I couldn't agree more about the pier in general. x

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Sal, hope you are well. What lovely cards, the design looks really nice. I used to visit WSM pier (in my younger days), as I used to go 10 pin bowling in Weston once a week or so.
Happy New Year for later in the week.
Chat soon, Liz

Alison Boon said...

Well the clever nephew clearly takes after his clever auntie. They are pretty stunning prints. Graphic and pleasing to the eye.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Fabulous postcards! I love his style - very much like the posters of the 1930's.

Rosie said...

Great designs - I'm so glad that the pier is to be re-built or replaced - I love piers and am always sad when one is lost or destroyed - the post cards are wonderful:)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely set of postcards - no wonder you are proud of him! I love piers and feel they need preserving.