Friday, 8 August 2008

Garden pleasures!

Good morning!

Had enough?!

'Miguel' we call him. He struts across the lawn at about 6am ish and spends most of the day in our garden or in the greenhouse !

Back in the winter he started coming to us, sitting on the bedroom window sills, for shelter.

In the spring, he had a few 'ladies' in tow.

A while after that, we found Pheasant chicks in the lane.

He appeared , one morning, quite bedraggled and minus his tail feathers! So now he resembles an overgrown Quail!

Watching him, has given us so much pleasure. He now feeds from our hands and he comes to us as soon as he hears the rattling of the food tin.

The best things in life are definitely free!

Monday, 4 August 2008

All things lovely!

Now then...Sometimes a little bit of ebay does you good!
I love embroidery like this.

I try to do a bit now and again but really it's more of a winter thing for me!

Some for me, some for my Etsy shop!

More to show soon!!;-)